WattStopper Timer Switches

Westside Wholesale offers Digital and Astronomical WattStopper Timer Switches that can be programmed to automatically turn lighting and other devices in a building on and off according to preset timing. Installing such timers instead of ordinary switches has many advantages. Here are just some of them:

  • WattStopper Timer Switches save energy and enhance safety of electric devices installed both inside and outside the home. Forgetting to turn the lights OFF will no longer be a problem. Such switches have programmable controls that let preset timing options depending on householders’ needs;
  • WattStopper Timer Switches are perfect for entry halls, bathrooms, spa devices, hallways and outdoor lights;
  • Programmable controls and simple setup make every place more convenient and safe;
  • Variable timing schedules can suit the needs of every device depending on its location and destination;
  • Compatibility with standard wall plates can become an advantage when selecting a perfect wall plate to match the wall’s décor and color.

When selecting Timer Switches for your home, it is important to consider every feature of such devices. WattStopper Timer Switches, presented in Westside Wholesale, have the following features:

  • Inside and outside lighting controls;
  • Selected hours of work can be scheduled in 8 programmable modes;
  • Compatible with single-pole switches;
  • LED display shows information about timers;
  • Optional audible and visible warnings before activating the timer;
  • Power failure memory that lasts up to 75 hours;
  • Timer Switches with lighted surfaces for easy finding in darkened rooms;
  • Simplified installation and easy mounting process;
  • Compatibility with both conventional and decorator wall plates;
  • Compatibility with standard residential and commercial lighting devices;
  • Adjustable Time Scroll control;
  • High quality and dirt-resistant materials are durable and easily cleaned;
  • Affordable prices, manufacturer warranty and up to 10% bundle discount;
  • Fast delivery and same day shipping for all orders placed before 2pm.
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WattStopper TS-400-W

WattStopper TS-400-W

WattStopper Timer Switch, 120-277V 24/7 Decora Style Digital Light Timer - White

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