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Fedders Air Conditioners

When a customer is looking for synonym to word “quality air conditioning”, Fedders air conditioners units come to mind. Whether it is medium or small size window air conditioners, these popular cooling devices have certainly gained the reputation of the best air conditioning units across the globe. As soon as the Westside Wholesale had a special contract to present the Fedders brand on the web-site at lowest price, many consumers got a pleasant shock. At this point they had a chance to purchase Fedders brand 25% cheaper and the product was to be delivered free of charge.

The Fedders company has always been considered to be a leading manufacturer of popular a/c units that were applicable to any household type. The Fedders company continues to be the largest a/c producer in US. The company manufactures quality a/c units for industrial, commercial and domestic use. With the purchase of Fedders air conditioner, the hot unbearable weather becomes a myth, leaving space for comfortable home cooling airflow. We are happy to announce that Fedders a/c is equipped with both cooling and heating options, making it the perfect household a/c unit. With a touch of a button, or remote control, the temperature can be changed very quickly in the room leaving no space for discomfort. The popular cost-efficient features enable clients to save money on utility bills as well.

Depending on the size of a/c unit, Fedders can produce from 5,000 BTU and up to powerful 28,000 BTU’s. A manufacturer warranty will cover replacements if needed, or even new part reinstallation if necessary. Fedders air conditioning units are easily installed in a window. If wall installation is needed, an additional wall sleeve can be ordered as well. The powerful Fedders a/c unit has such features as: lightweight electronic touch control, 2 cooling & 2 fan speeds, air adjustable air direction (2-way),24h timer, 115V, 6,000 BTU’s, etc.

Westside Wholesale offers the lowest prices along with no shipping cost. We will deliver the purchase quickly right to your door.

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Fedders M6X06F2F

Fedders M6X06F2F

Fedders X Chassis, Window Air Conditioner - 6,000 BTU

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