Air King HVAC Dampers

As homeowners continue to search ways to optimize their house ventilation systems, the Air King HVAC dampers come in very handy. We have chosen to present HVAC dampers in our Westside Wholesale online store from Air King brand is their models have gained huge popularity today. Customers prefer Air King ventilation related product due to their extended durability features and reduced cost. We believe that our clients deserve to receive the best prices on the web that is why the shipping costs have been lowered as well. Initially, the zone HVAC dampers have been invented back in 1950’s and today these devices serve as a perfect zoning barrier to ensure the house is getting the heated air it requires or needs.

Air Kind HVAC dampers allow to control the airflow inside the central ventilation and air conditioning ducting systems. The use of dampers helps to save on utility cost by cutting off the unused rooms in the house or to regulate the temperature in the airflow room-by-room mode. This device ensures full household climate control. As a result the purchase of Air King HVAC dampers at Westside Wholesale web-site ensures airflow control, comfort, convenience and cost-efficiency. The improved living means the wise use of zone controlled space with the use of quality HVAC dampers from Air King.

HVAC dampers may come in different forms and shapes that are aimed to a specific desired function or purpose. A duct damper contains a flapper-type of mechanism that rotates back and forward allowing to gain control over the airflow. The use of Air King HVAC damper allows to control temperature and levels of humidity. In special cases, it can be used to restrict dangerous airflow such as smokes or unwanted fumes. We suggest to review the product with care, and make a final decision about the purchase in our online store.

Air King BDD8R

Air King BDD8R

Air King Professional Series 8" Round Duct Metal Backdraft Damper

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How to Select

How to select HVAC Dampers

A HVAC Damper is a valve that regulates [and oftentimes] stops the air flow in a ventilation system. Such fittings are installed to cut down the unnecessary applications or rooms that aren’t occupied from the actual flow of air. This provides homeowners with the opportunity to save some money.

To select the perfect HVAC damper for your particular system you need to specify where it will be installed. Such accessory is oftentimes installed inside a chimney, air handler or duct. If you need to cut an unused room of the house from the central air-conditioning, you should select the type of damper that can be manually controlled. Backdraft dampers are perfect to regulate the air temperature and flow for room-by-room connections.

Size and design are the next factors to consider. Selecting the damper that will fit your ventilation applications is crucially important for the correct operation of the entire system. Carefully measure the diameters of all applications and then select the damper with the exact same measurements.

Another important factor to consider is the control option of your future HVAC damper. The only types that exist today are automatic and manual. A dumper with manual operation is turned by a handle that is installed outside of duct. Such types require your direct attention. Automatic HVAC dampers feature more convenient controls. They are usually equipped with a pneumatic or electric motor. In addition to that, you can connect them to a thermostat or an automatic system that regulates all of the devices in the building. While manual damper has lower price and suits all new and old ventilation systems, automatic dampers increase the convenience but also the amount of money you will need to spend on their installation.

The material from which the HVAC dampers are made of should be resistant to a constantly changing environment. What it means is that a damper should offer the same high level of operation in wet, warm and cold conditions. Galvanized steel is the best material to fit such requirements.

When you have found the best option to suit your system, spend a couple of more minutes to analyze its price. What you need to know is that the most expensive HVAC dumpers are oftentimes not the best options and vice versa. All of the top brands that manufacture HVAC equipment offer various options for all price categories. Look for a damper that has affordable price but comes from a well-known brand, because top companies offer warranty for every item they produce.