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Air Return Grilles

Needless to say that the indoor air plays an important role in our lives, paying attention and purchasing only high quality ventilation products will ensure the best indoor air supply throughout the year. As the market is filled with high quality choices that allow to improve the overall building air distribution performance, we believe that Hart & Cooley air return grilles are one of the kind. Delivered right to customer’s door at affordable shipping price or for free, the Westside Wholesale ensures only the best quality home ventilation related products offered at the discounted prices.

The Hart & Cooley company has been on the ventilation market scene for quite a while, the company does its best to deliver new ventilation solutions and to ensure the quality of product delivery. The fact is every house or apartment has its own ventilation system that may require additional air return grill purchase. Designed for both commercial and residential application, the H&C air return grills ensure high level of performance and exceptional value. Being great in use, the air return grills have overall attractive aesthetic appeal that is able to fit any décor interior design. The product line is available in a number of dimensions that are listed on our web-site as well.

Number of Valuable H&C Air Return Grill Features:

  • powerful airflow;
  • different sized depth;
  • different colors and finishes;
  • effective filter;
  • adjustable filter retainers;
  • removable grill face;
  • easy-to-install & easy-to-clean;
  • disposable filter;
  • extremely rigid structure;
  • enamel finish;
  • application: residential use;
  • firm and smooth surface;
  • complementing interior design effects;
  • all-steel construction.

The known fact is the house needs to be cleaned out of the stale air. As an important air conditioning feature, pumping fresh air is essential for any type of residence. Hart & Cooley has a special solution that will allow for the bad air to go away in a very good way. It means if you are looking for exquisite high quality product the H&C air return grill is 100% right product for you.

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Hart & Cooley 94A 10x10 W

Hart & Cooley 94A 10x10 W

Hart & Cooley Air Return Grille, 10" W x 10" H, 94A Steel Return Grille - White (011708)

Regular Price: $14.99
On Sale: $10.25
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Hart & Cooley 94A 24x14 W

Hart & Cooley 94A 24x14 W

Hart & Cooley Air Return Grille, 24" W x 14" H, 94A Steel Return Grille - White (011755)

Our Price: $23.50
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How to Select

How to select Air-Return Grilles

Air-return grilles installed in a ventilation system ensure that your house, office or other building has a perfect supply of indoor air every hour of the day. To help you select the best devices to fit your needs, we have prepared a comprehendible guide with simple steps to follow.

When selecting an air-return grille for the ventilation system of your home, many factors should be considered. Let’s start with the most important ones such as size and air flow power. Since such grilles are installed in various locations of the ventilation system, they come in different sizes and designs. To select the grille of the size you need simply look for the item of the same diameter that a flex ducting has. You need to remember that the larger the grille is the more air it will consume and the more powerful air flow your system will have.

Most of the modern air-return grilles come equipped with filters but it is advised to ensure that such option exists before buying the item. What the filter on the grille does is stopping the dirt, debris and unwanted objects from getting into the ventilation and damaging its applications. With that said, the smaller the net on the filter is, the less are the particles it will let through.

Every grille, especially the one that is installed in a ventilation system, needs to be cleaned from time to time. Before selecting an air-return grille, see that its cover is removable or even replaceable. With that you can either clean the filter or replace it with the new one and save your precious time.

Next factor to consider is the durability of the material that the grille is made from. To provide efficient and long-lasting operation, such item has to be extremely resistant and rigid; this is why most of the air-return grilles are made from steel or galvanized metal.

Installation of the grille is also very important detail that you should pay attention to. If you can’t install such item or it is not compatible with the ducting of the system, there’s no point of purchasing it no matter how great and appealing other characteristics are.

Design and color options should be the last details that define your grille choice. Since such ventilation parts should not be visible, ensure they have the same color or at least select the option that will match the walls or ceiling. In addition to that, you may want to select air-return grilles with smooth and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Remember that the price should not be the decisive factor; there are lots of great options in each price category so there’s no need to aim for the cheapest grille just to save money.