Aprilaire 213 Air Filter Replacement For Aprilaire Models 1210, 2210, 3210, 4200

Brand: Aprilaire
Model: 213
Condition: New
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Aprilaire 213 Air Filter

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This genuine Aprilaire 213 Air Filter replacement media is made for air cleaner models 1210, 2210, 3210, and 4200. It is essential for the easy replacement of your old Aprilaire air filters and can be installed in no time at all. Tired of dealing with hard to change air filters or filters that require strenuous work to clean and replace? Simply slide your new, genuine Aprilaire 213 air filter into your air purifier and begin circulating clean, fresh air! If you have allergy prone kids, the Aprilaire 213 air filter is an ideal solution, as Aprilaire's SelfSeal™ effectively reduces air bypass and greatly improves your air purifying performance.

The Aprilaire 213 air filter can dramatically change the cleanliness of your air by eliminating stubborn airborne irritants like pollen, dust, and smoke. If you're overdue, now is the time to get rid of that old, useless air filter! Rated as a MERV 13, the Apriliare 213 air filter replacement is one of the most effective, easiest to install air filters on the market. MERV 13 traps up to 75% of bacteria particulates and over 90% of dust and pet dander sized particles, and approximately 90% of pollen, mold, and spore sized air particles. This Aprilaire replacement filter can filter 75% of virus size particles from 0.3 to 1 micron. For comparison, visible household dust is usually around 50 microns. Human hair is approximately 100 microns. For pollen to aggravate allergies, its can be as little as 10 microns depending on sensitivity and be as big as 100 microns.

If you are looking to retrofit a Space-Guard 213 (an older air cleaner) with this new filtration system, the Apirlaire 1213 Upgrade Kit will make the transition extremely smooth. See for yourself what an Aprilaire 213 Air Filter can do. It's recommended that the filter within your air cleaner is changed at least once a year.

Own an Aprilaire 3210 Air Purifier? Your controller will indicate when it's time to change your Aprilaire 213 filter.

Alternatively, if you have a lot pets, have had construction performed on your home, or live in a high traffic area, you may need to replace the air filter twice a year. On average, it's recommended to change the filter once per year.

  • Easy To Change Genuine Aprilaire 213 Filter
  • High Performance Air Particulate Trapping Ability
  • Installs Under a Minute
  • Increases Longevity of HVAC Systems
  • No Pleat Spacers Required
  • Long Lasting, Durable Filter Construction
  • Patented Self-Seal Ensure Efficient Filtration
  • Simply slides into filter frame
  • Air Filter Dimensions: 20 x 26 x 4
  • Compatible with Aprilaire Air Cleaner Models 2200, 2120, 1210, 2210, 3210, & 4200
  • MERV 13 Air Filtration Rating
  • Aprilaire 213 Upgrade Kit is Aprilaire Upgrade Kit 1213
Customer Reviews

Great price

Great price. It's actually cheaper than on Amazon, and much cheaper than in my local store.


on 07-10-2014 by Jesse

Is it that good?

I'm not mechanically inclined..it took me a half hour to put it in. How often one is to change it is not noted anywhere???? I have many allergies...dog dander, pollen, molds..I can't say it really helped more than the old filter did I think it did but I'm not positive. I'll know better after I change the filter...Write more later..


on 10-20-2011 by Terry

Replacement Filter for 4200,2210

My husband and I received our replacement filter and kit, it was a breeze to assemble and place into our heating system. It took a total of 10 minutes. We would definitely recommend this filter and replacement kit to anyone with the old filter and pleated spacer housing which was very difficult to assemble.


on 12-02-2010 by Kate

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Questions & Answers

what is the pressure drop across the 201 filter media compared to the 213?

by elliot S. on 07-08-2012

The resistance as descibed by Aprilaire is the following:

201 media -  0.16in @ 1200CFM - rated MERV 10 

213 media - 0.11in @ 1200CFM - rated MERV 11

The 1213 Upgrade kit, which is an upgrade from the Aprilaire 201 includes an additional kit which installs a performance rated filter frame, making filter replacement much easier, quicker, and decreases maintenence efforts. This kit utilizes the Aprilaire 213 media, however does not require the combs needed to expand and hold the filter media in place, dropping time and effort. Instead, the filter media simply slides into the 1213 upgrade frame, without the need of combs or extra steps.

Click here to view the Aprilaire 1213 Upgrade Kit with 213 filter media

on 07-09-2012

How to clean a model 213 filter?

by Dennis M. on 06-07-2012

In between changes, you can use a vacuum hose attachment on the Aprilaire 213 filter to lightly vacuum off surface dust. Use caution not to damage the filter media or you will need to replace it.

on 06-07-2012

Is this a direct replacement, or a "suitable" replacement? Is it a genuine Aprilaire filter media?

by Jeanie G. from Houston, TX on 05-25-2012

The Aprilaire 213 is a Genuine Aprilaire replacement filter for Aprilaire Air Cleaner models 4200 & 2210. Manufactured by Aprilaire, the 213 filter media is a direct match to the factory filter media.

on 05-25-2012
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