Aprilaire 350 Humidifier, 120V Hang Mount Whole House Humidifier w/Thermostat - 0.5 Gallons/Hr

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Aprilaire 350 Humidifiers

  • Aprilaire 350 Humidifiers
  • Aprilaire 350
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About The Aprilaire Humidifier 350 120V Hang-Mount Whole-House Humidifier


The Aprilaire 350 120V Hang-Mount Whole-House Humidifier can be easily installed in your basement between your floor joists so that the unit can be mounted in a central location providing efficient home humidification.  The Aprilaire 350 120V Hang-Mount Whole-House Humidifier is ideal for homes with radiators or baseboard heat, and will provide your whole home with all the benefits of Aprilaire humidifiiers.  The Aprilaire 350 120V Hang-Mount Whole-House Humidifier also works just as well with central heating and cooling systems.


Healthy Living

One of the best reasons to own a humidifier is the large effect it can have on your health and wellbeing. With moisture in the air, you can minimize the effects of irritating dry skin, cracked lips and skin, allergies, and other symptoms of a dehydrated space. Best of the all, the air you and your family breathe in will be fresh and clean.

Protect Your Home

With a humidifier, your home itself will see lots of benefits. Since overly dry air can make features of your house brittle and prone to cracking, such as moldings, paint jobs, and other fixtures. Keeping a moist environment will keep your house in better shape for years to come.

Proper Care and Maintenance

To make sure your humidifier keeps delivering lots of benefits to your home and health, be sure to switch out the filter at regular intervals. Aprilaire suggests that change the filter at least once every year. (Homes in drier climates or those using water rich in mineral deposits may find it necessary to replace a filter more frequently.) If you follow the Aprilaire 350 120V Hang-Mount Whole-House Humidifier’s “Change Water Panel” indicator light, you’ll know when it’s time for a change.

Note: The item must be PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED to be eligible to receive a factory warranty.


• Completely self contained units
• Easily fit inside of closets, heated crawl spaces and basements
• Have an evaporative capacity of 0.50 gallons per hour
• Humidify tightly constructed homes up to 4,500 square feet in size


• Air Changes an Hour: 1,100 SQ. FT. loose house: 2; 2,250 SQ. FT. average house: 1; 4,500 SQ. FT. tight house: 1/2
• Water Feed Rate: 6 Gallons Per Hour
• Electrical Data: 120V • 60Hz -0.9 AMP

Customer Reviews

Aprilaire 350

So glad I got this Aprilaire 350. I previously owned a console humidifier, and couldn't stand having to fill and drain it every day. It annoyed me to no end. This model is connected to the water heating system so you don't have to fill it. You can hear it but it's generally quiet.


on 07-10-2014 by William

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Questions & Answers

what are the dimensions?

by David W. on 05-29-2013

Mini-Split Lineset is 25 feet of 1/4" liquid x 1/2" suction refrigerant line. Line sets are designed for air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The copper tube is refrigeration grade tubing to ASTM B280.

on 10-21-2013

How does this unit which is placed between floor joists humidify an entire house?

by Victoria P. on 06-03-2012

This unit has a 150 CFM internal fan that helps move the humidified air throughout the living space. Depending on where the unit is installed you may need to duct the air to the living space through a register using the 8" duct collar on the unit (ducting and air register must be purchased separately). The humidified air will disperse itself through the living space naturally but for larger homes more than unit may need to be installed.

on 06-04-2012
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