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Armstrong Circulator Pumps

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Armstrong ASTRO-250SS

Armstrong ASTRO-250SS

Armstrong Pump, Lead Free Open System Wet Rotor Circulator, 1/20 HP - Stainless Steel Flanged (110223-308)

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How to Select

How to shop for Circulator Pumps

Shopping for circulator pumps is a daunting task for those unversed in the vocabulary of this piece of equipment. Circulating pumps are mainly used to circulate both liquids and gases or slurries in a closed circuit commonly found in both hydronic heating and cooling systems.

These centrifugal pumps are powered with electricity and have both household and commercial applications. They operate as sealed units and are often small and work at a fraction of a horsepower as compared to commercial ones that require higher amount of horsepower.

Selection of a circulator pump depends on the desired function of the pump but certain factors must be given due consideration to ensure a proper match with usage is achieved.

  • Application. The most common application of circulating pumps is in household heater or cooling systems, where the temperature of water needs to be lowered or increased based on the needs. These pumps work using the motor that can push the water around the circuit and most of the homes make use of internal motors. Such internal motors are not as strong as the external motors used for commercial applications. They help in keeping the pumps water tight as these pumps do not have to deal with anything outside and are suitable for household usage.
  • Internal or External. External motors are suitable for large commercial applications thus allowing the water to flow freely through the circuit. But they can be a bit difficult and cumbersome to maintain.
  • Size. These pumps are typically used in a closed circuit environment with the main purpose being pumping water, although they can assist in pumping gases and slurries as well. They are used in large buildings or homes for hydronic heating and cooling systems that can assist in increasing or lowering the water temperature. Depending on the size of the pumps, the motor used for pushing water can be either internal or external. Most of the pumps used for drinking water are made from bronze, whereas the ones used or hydronic systems use cast iron as the basic material.

Westfield Wholesale stock circulator pumps from internationally known and respected brands Grundfos and also from Armstrong. These suppliers have been vetted by Westfield Wholesale and provide products meeting our exacting standards.

Whether used in a household heating system or cooling system these pumps will prove to be durable and are built to last.