Backflow Preventers

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Watts 11/2 909M1 QT

Watts 11/2 909M1 QT

Watts Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly - 1-1/2"

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Watts 1 LF909-QT

Watts 1 LF909-QT

Watts Backflow Preventer Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly Lead Free - 1"

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How to Select

How to shop for a Backflow Preventer

Before we narrow down into the purchase module of a backflow prevention device, it is customary to define what it actually is; a backflow prevention device is used to protect the water supplies from contamination due to the backflow. One can only imagine the damage consumption of contaminated water can provide you with—bacteria and water borne diseases can be common, for instance. Because of that it is advisable to procure a backflow prevention device in order to prevent the water from getting contaminated. One should also know that the choice of the backflow prevention device is also just as important as choosing where and when to install it.

The following factors play a key role:

  • Size. The size of the backflow prevention device must be considered depending on the amount of water flow into the environment, which is specific to a community or a house or an organization etc. In case of unsure options, there is a possibility provided by Westside Whole Sale for a professional technician to assess the size of the device that should be placed in the area in order to provide safe water for drinking or other purposes.
  • Specifications. After the entity of the size, there comes the area of specifications, where the customer must choose the product, depending on the need that is area, power, size, weight, volume of the whole device, and other relative fields. Just like mentioned above, the Westside Whole Sale will be sending a trained technician to assess the product needs and the customer needs and then helping them in choosing the right product.

Customers will only receive the best quality goods at Westside Wholesale by the top brands on the industry such as Watts.

One must be aware of the time and energy consumed, if the unclean polluted portable water enters the system even once also people can’t tolerate. Westside Wholesale provides solutions to this problem and makes sure that people will never have to deal with polluted water in the system again. Offered in this section backflow preventers have a unique construction that separates water and air channels from each other.

These construction stops the pollution, by preventing the clean water from the polluted water. These backflow preventers are made with bronze metal, which is durable and high water resistance. And it is also safety and quality standards. These make home water system very comfort to use.