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Vigo Industries Bath Faucets

Westside Wholesale offers Vigo faucets. Vigo has been delivering sophisticated kitchen and bath appliances of exceptional quality and up-to-date innovations. These faucets are of the best design and made of the highest quality materials. Among the wide array of products one can find modern ideas for bathroom and kitchen.

Bathroom faucets are divided into singe hole, vessel, waterfall vessel and wall mount models.

Single hole faucets have different finish including chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze. high quality cartridges makes operation and maintenance easy. Vigo faucets are also easy to clean and resist corrosion and tarnishing. Water pressure is tested to meet industry standard. All models have limited lifetime warranty.

Kitchen faucets as well as bathroom models require a perfect mix of cosmetic appeal and performance. The range of models is so wide that there are faucets from $50 to $1000. A great variety of styles, finishes and features gives the opportunity to choose an ideal faucet for any case. Vigo Industries’ models are equipped with high-end, ceramic disk. Solid brass construction is created one can imagine. All models are certified and listed by a number of organizations including UPC, CSA, ANSI and others.

Vigo Industries Faucets create trustworthy products that will serve for many years. Even though the price may be a bit higher on some models (comparing to competitors’) these models worth paying. The quality is outstanding. The design of all the products was created especially for different styles with the best engineers. The special construction of faucets makes it easy to clean and polish. That is why a little effort needed to maintain its perfect look.

Westside Wholesale presents models from different series. One can also find here a variety of accessories to suit, for example, elegant and convenient soap dispensers. In addition to wholesale prices for some models a coupon code can be used to get a discount. Vigo’s faucets will make the kitchen or bathroom look different!

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How to Select

How to shop for Bath Faucets

Bath faucets often provide the finishing touches to an impressively conceived and designed room. Updating faucets in the bathroom can also revitalize the room. This is a method that is surprisingly affordable, and it makes a big impact on both the look and feel of a room.

Westside Wholesale stock faucets in a great variety of styles and a huge range of finishes. Chrome, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, stainless steel, bronze and brass are all available to choose from. The finish of the faucet should match the surroundings; therefore it is important to scrutinize the products with care.

Bath faucets are also available with a number of advanced features built in. These can solve a number of problems and also make the bathing experience even more pleasant and relaxing. Faucets are available that are battery operated, solar powered, sensor operated, single or double handle or even hands-free.

Before making a purchase it is a good idea to consider the following factors:

  • Cost. This is obviously going to be a factor in most decisions. However, your faucet will give many years of service and good build quality will mean fewer servicing costs or repairs. All Westside Wholesale faucets come from trusted suppliers meaning our customers never have to sacrifice quality for value.
  • Material. As mentioned bath faucets are available in a spectacular range of materials. Consideration should be given to both the material of the faucet and also to the material of the unit it will be attached to. Chrome faucets are popular for a modern, minimalist design while other materials such as oil finished and bronze add a more luxurious or rustic feel to the room.
  • Supplier. Westside Wholesale only sells products from trusted suppliers. All our manufacturers have been inspected and carefully vetted. Should problems arise with any bath faucet product most manufacturers have a warranty that allows easy replacement.
  • Features. The bath faucet has evolved beyond a simple functional item. Faucets are now available in either single or dual faucets and may have a mixer level or switch. Motion activated faucets are popular in commercial settings where heavy user traffic calls for greater levels of hygiene.

When choosing a bath faucet give these factors consideration. More information is available on the individual models offered at Westside Wholesale and our experts are standing by to answer your questions.

Contact us now and we will help you make a decision on the faucet that is right for your individualized needs.