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Quiet Bath Exhaust Fans

Eco-responsibility, ultra-efficiency, intelligent LED light technology and sleek design are only few reasons why you should buy quiet bathroom exhaust fans from Westside Wholesale online store.

“Green” technologies are the key to all products represented in Westside Wholesale’s catalogue. That is why we ask our customers to try Panasonic’s bath exhaust fans as they are equally good in providing trouble-free performance and energy efficiency.

Originally the U.S. Headquarters of the Japanese company Panasonic created the unique WhisperGreen bathroom exhaust fans, providing the unrivaled combination of an intelligent, eco-responsible, efficient and ultra-quiet fan/light solution for any bathroom.

In addition to еру quiet bath exhaust fan you will get еру device with a revolutionary LED lightning feature for warm and energy efficient illumination at day and night. Panasonic’s exhaust fans ensure the CFM output with the DC motor base don SmartFlow technology.

The wide range of quiet bathroom fans at our store is also represented by NuTone’s devices that have delighted American consumers for more than a few decades with innovative solutions for the home and business. The up-to-date NuTone’s series of exhaust fans with light/heat options are no exception—you will make a great choice by ordering bathroom fans with optimum CFM features and the revolutionary technology allowing a fan to control its speed on the terms of static pressure. The performance of Nutone’s quiet bath exhaust fans will never be compromising since the manufacturers pay a lot of attention to the quality of materials and technologies used in their plumbing devices.

Customers of Westside Wholesale online store will get an opportunity to become owners of these innovative quiet bath exhaust fans made by the leading brands without paying for shipping costs.

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How to Select

How to Shop Quiet Bath Exhaust Fans

Choosing high-quality, efficient household appliances is always a big deal. Why? Because there are hundreds of questions that need to be answered before making just one feasible decision. When it comes to bathroom exhaust fans it is a matter of common knowledge that this device is highly important for a comfortable and convenient bathroom usage. The list of benefits includes its easy operation and crystal clean air, absence of fog and mildew, constant pleasant fresh odor, and always protected and good looking bathroom fixtures and surfaces. Still, in order to enjoy all these advantages, it is necessary to study several important tips for successful quiet bath exhaust fan purchase.

Wiring Management and Bathroom Zones

Any bathroom is conveniently divided into three zones. This division depends on the proximity of an electrical device to the water source and determines the required type of a bath fan.

  • The first zone relates to the shower itself and the 2.25 meters above the bath area.
  • The second area is extended to 0.6 meters to all directions from the first zone.
  • The third area is further extended to 2.4 meters to all directions from the second zone.

The first two zones are the most dangerous and require a Safety Extra Low Voltage bathroom fan with an Ingress Protected 45 rated motor. The third zone is remote from the water source and can be equipped with almost any desirable type of the bath fans.

Switching and Operation Rules

All bath fans can be operated either by a light switch or an independent remote switch. In addition to that, most of the models possess separate options that can be used for managing additional applications. In general, there are three available versions: Basic Bath Fans, Bath Fans with Timer, and Bath Fans with Humidistat.

  • Basic fans are operated only through the light switch or remote control.
  • Timer version ensures that a bath fan will be working for a set period of time after the light or remote control is switched off.
  • Bath fans equipped with a Humidistat are turned on automatically as soon as the preset maximal humidity level is reached and are turned off right after the humidity level returns to its normal preset position.
  • There could be also rarely found bath fans fitted out with Integral Pull Cords or Passive Infra-Red Sensors.

All the quiet bath exhaust fans can also differ in size (4 or 6 inch models) and air extraction rate (measured in Liters per Second or Meters Cubed per Hour). Besides, a customer can always choose between various noise level types starting from the whisper quiet models of 24dB (A) and finishing with the most powerful bath fans featuring about 55dB (A). Any of the chosen models is highly efficient and economic.