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Broan 682

Broan 682

Broan Bathroom Fan, Duct Free Air Freshning Only

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How to Select

How to Shop Standard Bath Exhaust Fans

A good quality standard bath exhaust fan eliminates moisture from the wettest area of the house, protecting homeowners from mold, mildew and fungi, all while cleaning the air from stale odors and preventing walls and fixtures from cracking and waving. It is highly recommended to follow several tips in order to choose the right standard exhaust fan for the bathroom area.

Airflow Rating

First of all, it is very necessary to decide upon the right airflow rating. This value is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. In order to find out the required number of CFM, it is needed to measure the overall square footage of the room. According to the Home Ventilating Institute, one square foot of bathroom area should correspond to one CFM. The minimum airflow rate is 50 CFM. If the bathroom space is larger than 100 square feet, additional 50 CFM are needed for each bathtub, toilet, shower, and jetted tub.

Noise Level

The noise level value is measures in Sones. One Sone noise can be compared to the sound of a running refrigerator. Three sones value is a bit louder than a usual office noise level. A standard bathroom exhaust fan can have a noise level starting from below 1 and up to 4 Sones. In order to choose the right model, think over which noise level you can bear for about 15 minutes – this is an approximate time needed by the fan for air cleaning.

Added Features

Contemporary bath exhaust fans can be fitted out with a wide choice of added features. There are options for lighting, automated timers, and heaters. There also exists a bath fan equipped with a humidistat, which automatically regulates the fan’s workflow in accordance with the humidity level inside the bathroom.

Ventilation Type

The ventilation type mainly depends on the existence of available space and proximity to the duct system location. There are three main types of ventilation system for standard bath exhaust fans:

  • Ceiling-Mounted Fans. Such fans are mounted into the ceiling and vent outside the house through a duct system or roof. This is the most popular type of the exhaust bath fans because it perfectly removes damp and hot air when it is rising.
  • Wall-Mounted Fans. These fans are mounted in exterior walls and ensure direct outside air pulling. The wall-mounted fans do not need a ductwork, but they are equipped with a visible register.
  • Inline Fans. These fans are installed into the wall or ceiling, but their motor is placed between ducts, remotely pushing out the stale air.

While reading the above it is quite obvious that choosing a bath fan is not always an easy task. However, without a doubt your will be provided with a result that will leave you entirely satisfied. This absolutely smart home device simultaneously provides its owners with cleanness, safety and efficiency.