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Extra Quiet Bath Exhaust Fans

About Extra Quiet Bath Fans

At Westside Wholesale, you can find the peaceful ambience of your bathrooms with the elegance of having an extra quiet exhaust bath fan. From all the reputable brands you trust, we offer the best prices and great selection. With over 50 extra quiet bath fans, making the right choice is easy.

Our extra quiet bath fans fit applications for 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch duct sizes, with combo lights that include heaters or lights ranging from 50-500 CFM.

Make sure to look for great features such as: 50 CFM, 70 CFM, 80 CFM, 110 CFM, 80/110 CFM, 190 CFM, 290 CFM, 380 CFM, with heater, with light, fan combo, fan only, whispergreen, whisperceiling, ultra silent, humidity sensing, spot ventilation, continuous ventilation.

At Westside Wholesale, you can find all your extra quiet bath fan needs to create the perfect ambience for your bathroom.

There is no need to look for ultra quiet bath exhaust fans somewhere else when Westside Wholesale online store offers to buy the best and fitting-any-bathroom models at the lowest prices without shipping costs.

Peaceful atmosphere in a bathroom is exactly what everyone needs after a long day at work. Annoying noises from a ceiling fan is not an option in this case but an air-ventilating device in a bathroom is a must-have unit. In this scenario, the smart and sleek solution comes in ultra quiet bath exhaust fans. Westside Wholesale online store has multiple choices of ultra quiet bathroom fans brought by the recognized leaders of the industry – Panasonic and Nutone. Both companies are US quartered and work to provide the best products for American and European consumers who are seeking for innovative quiet exhaust fans for their homes.

Panasonic’s with its 50-year experience can offer a wide range of whisper ceiling bathroom fans that work very quietly without you even hearing them thanks to the SmartFlow technology. The continuous run with a Low Noise level is the main advantage of Panasonic FV exhaust fans’ series that even received the prestigious Home Ventilation Institute’s certificate.

In addition to low noise options, Panasonic and Nutone bathroom exhaust fans you can buy at Westside Wholesale online store can boast UL and cUL safety standards and a smart ventilation system provided by the powerful motors/blowers with a GFCI circuit wiring.

Those customers who seek ultra quiet bathroom exhaust fans using “green” and cost-efficient technologies will find a great assortment of such devices among Panasonic fans offered by Westside Wholesale at low prices. ""Green” ultra quiet bathroom fans by Panasonic are not just quiet and small, the can also offer a user-friendly installation with the long-term and trouble-free operation with minimal maintenance costs.

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Panasonic FV-08VSLB2

Panasonic FV-08VSLB2

Panasonic WhisperValueLite Contractor Pack of 4 Motor & Grill Assembly

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Panasonic FV-10VSLB2

Panasonic FV-10VSLB2

Panasonic WhisperValueLite Contractor Pack of 4 Bathroom Fan Motor & Grill Assembly

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How to Select

How to Shop Extra Quiet Bath Exhaust Fans

Every time we purchase a new household appliance we often think about the dozens of variations and possibilities. Any device, which is used within a small family realm, should perfectly meet the requirements and demands of all family members. It is not a secret, that a high quality bathroom exhaust fan is an extremely useful home appliance that can easily refresh the air in your bathroom, saving homeowners more time away from their daily chores. Only one wise decision can make you forget about such problems as moisture, fog on the mirrors, stale air and unpleasant odors, mold and mildew accumulations, dangerous fungi and must.

Among all the evident benefits successfully combined in this small electric device, there is one more extremely important feature. Amidst various types of bathroom fans the most popular are the extra- or ultra-quiet models. This type could be especially useful for families with little children. While the new exhaust fan works, protecting the whole family from moisture and related diseases, the kids are sweetly sleeping. What a harmony!

In order to select a suitable extra-quiet bath exhaust fan it is necessarily to follow several tips. All the bath fans characterized by whisper silent workflow depend on two main features: CFM value and Sones value.

CFM stands for Cubic Feet per Minute and measures the volumetric flow of a bathroom exhaust fan. In other words, this value shows the overall power of a bath fan. The CFM level shows the volume of pushed through air. The efficiency of a bath fan also depends of the CFM number and fan’s general application. A 50 CFM bath fan will be quite enough for a standard bathroom size under 50 square feet. For each extra square feet it is recommended to add at least 1 CFM.

Sones are responsible for the general noise level. Mainly all the powerful bath fans emit a sufficient amount of noise. In this case it is necessary to look for the lowest sones value. 1 Sone noise level can be compared with a running refrigerator. That is why, looking for an extra-quiet model of a bathroom exhaust fan, a customer should choose those devices that are featured with a noise level below 1 Sone value. Just think which level of noise you can tolerate during 15 – 20 minutes. This time will be enough for air cleaning inside the bathroom.

Silent workflow is only one out of many other benefits provided by this type of household appliance. If you are interested in a clean bathroom, free from bacteria and convenient for daily usage, it’s highly recommended that you install a bathroom exhaust fan. It will not only protect you from dangers connected with moisture and mildew accumulation, but also become a faithful ally in home economy and efficiency.