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How to Shop Vanity Bowls

A vanity bowl is a very important part of a vanity set. It provides a great deal of personality to your bathroom and should contribute to more than just functionality—it should contribute to fashion as well. That is why, before selecting the perfect bowl, it is necessary to consider the frequency it will be used and how it will be used. For example, if you are looking for a bowl that will be used in a guest bathroom or a powder room, then a small stylish vessel bowl will be a great choice, even if it is not as durable as other types of vanity sinks. On the contrary, if the future bowl will be used in a family bathroom, which is usually characterized by a high frequency of usage, the best purchase will appear to be a deep and large porcelain or cast-iron enameled vanity bowl.

There are a lot of different types of vanity sinks. Each of them is unique and possesses a wide range of advantages.

The most commonly used are the following:

  • Self-Rimming Vanity Bowls. These sinks are also known as surface-mounted ones. They are typically inserted inside the hole made in a counter and rest above the countertop. This type of vanity bowls is the easiest for installation because there is no need to match the counter hole and sink bottom precisely, as the hole will be totally covered by the bowl after its installation.
  • Under Mount Vanity Bowls. This type of bowls is installed from below of the counter. Such way of installation provides a customized and clean look. Here it is more important to have a precisely cut hole, while it will stay exposed at the top of the counter. The material used for the counters with an under mount bowl are usually solid surface types or natural stones. They provide a more fashionable and luxurious look.
  • Integral Vanity Bowls. These bowls are the best to provide a clean custom appearance. Due to the solid integral construction of the countertop and bowl within one unit, there are no visible joints that may unpleasantly influence the overall design. The process of installation and cleaning up is quite easy.
  • Vessel Vanity Bowls. They are also known as deck-mounted sinks. This type of bowls is more suitable for guest rooms or powder rooms. Vessel bowls can be performed in various shapes and styles, with multiple choices of colors and patterns, though they are not as durable as other vanity bowl constructions.
  • Console Vanity Bowls. Console bowls are able to provide the bathroom with a spacious and open feel. They are performed in a table-like style and supported by ornamental brackets or legs. Actually, this is a kind of separate tiny vanity fixture, as it can be accompanied by drawers for additional storage. In addition, it should be mentioned that any vanity bowl style provides a unique oomph to any bathroom, even the most economical one. These special bathroom fixtures can be perfectly matched with contemporary faucets and convenient pop ups which allows every customer to use their own creativity, implementing design ideas that suits their own unique personality.