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How to Select

How to Shop Vanity Cabinets

A smartly chosen vanity cabinet is a perfect contribution to the interior design and main functionality of any bathroom. This beautiful bath fixture can be performed in various designs and types, offering am attractive appearance for washing area and creating a personalized spirit for the surrounding environment.

Frankly speaking, any storage cabinet located under the washing bowl can be regarded to as a vanity. Before purchasing a vanity cabinet it is necessary to decide how much space for storage will be required in the bathroom. Besides, if the vanity itself is to be large, there is a certain sense in purchasing a vanity mirror with one or two wall mounted side cabinets providing additional personalized storage space and functionality. Space management can be performed by choosing a double vanity cabinet construction or by a depth regulation. More than that, it is always possible to balance the space between drawers and cabinets.

The best set for a reliable and long-lasting cabinetry should include the following issues:

  • Heavy-gauge plywood cases
  • Solid and substantial construction of drawers and doors
  • Smoothly rolling and heavy drawer glides

The main types of the vanity cabinets may include the following variants:

  • Frameless Vanity Cabinets. This type of cabinets is also known as Euro Vanities. They mainly provide a plain and seek contemporary appearance. The cabinet is not equipped with a frame. That is why its doors are fixed directly to the cabinet sides. In this case it is vitally important to have enough room left for the drawers and doors opening. The construction of these cabinets allows them to be installed closely to the wall and thus, spare much space in the bathroom. Such vanity fixtures can be also fitted out with easily adjustable hidden hinges.
  • Framed Vanity Cabinets. This type of bathroom cabinets mainly relates to the traditional or classical look. The construction of these vanities resembles a kitchen cabinet. They are fitted out with rigid box-like frames and recessed end panels. The doors are fixed on the front side of the boxes, and the whole construction does not require being wall mounted. The variety of materials offered for this type of vanity cabinets is impressing. So, the uniform design of the whole vanity set should be thoroughly considered.
  • Furniture Style Vanity Cabinets. A furniture style vanity cabinet has recently become a popular choice for many customers. These unique bathroom fixtures manage to combine within one unit rich finishes, distinctive hardware, and intricate carvings. These smartly designed cabinets usually provide enough space for storage and a lot of drawers. Of course, in order to satisfy the demands of various designs and tastes of various customers, each type of vanity cabinets can be performed in numerous variations, equipped with multiple functional features, produced in different colors, and featured out with diverse patterns.