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How to Select

How to Shop Vanity Mirrors

A vanity mirror is a sophisticated addition to a bathroom vanity. This elegant bathroom fixture can easily transform a dull and inexpressive environment into a piece of creative design. For instance, dramatic impact performed by the mirror will perfectly match the purpose of any purchase. Regardless of whether you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or upgrade some of its parts, a new stylish vanity mirror will bring a slight touch of elegancy and intelligence to any bathroom design. These fixtures are intended to reflect artificial and natural light, and they are mainly manufactured for provision of decorative and functional advantages.

In order to make up your mind it could be very useful to take a look at the following handy tips for deciding on the best vanity mirror for your needs.

  • Space. First of all, it is necessary to measure the space devoted to the future mirror. Remember that while in the store, all the mirrors look a bit smaller than they are in reality. So, it is necessary to know the right height and width. The vanity cabinet should not be lower or narrower than a mirror. Besides, it is important to keep about 6 inches free from the ceiling edge and about 2 inches from each side of the wall.
  • Budget. The cost of a bathroom vanity mirror can differ from $50 to $1,000. It all depends on the mirror’s size, functionality and production material. Here it is extremely important to decide upon the role you are expecting from the mirror. If it will serve just for simple reflection, then there could be considered cheaper variants, but if you would like your future mirror to become a part of decorative design, provide light and storage functions, become the star of your bathroom, then it is high time to get ready for a pretty costly shopping.
  • Frame. The bathroom vanity mirrors can be performed in a framed and frameless version. If you are willing to create your own style frame, then it is better to purchase a frameless mirror and later order a unique creative frame from a professional craftsman. In this case you can personally choose not only the main way of mirror performance, but also the material it will be made of and its color.
  • Functionality. All bathroom mirrors can be either simple bath fixtures providing only a reflective function, or be featured with a wide range of additional benefits, like side or bottom storage shelves, external or internal lighting, and even a built in TV-set.
  • Mounting Style. There are several possibilities for mirror mounting. They can be either permanently mounted by glue or liquid nails or fixed with the help of mirror or wire brackets. When choosing a new bathroom mirror it is important to select its shape and style, keeping it consistent with the interior design of the overall bathroom. The mirror’s shape, edge lines, material, color, size and style should perfectly match the rest vanity fixtures already installed in your bathroom.