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A vanity set is a universal bathroom furniture type that can easily combine in itself the whole functionality scope provided by a bathroom area. Vanity sets can come in various styles and designs corresponding to the taste and desires of their owners. Purchasing vanity set fixtures contributes to the general pleasant appearance of the bathroom interior and perfect design solutions that have no contrasting inclusions and style inconsistencies.

Nowadays the amount of building materials, accessories shapes, surface textures and color palettes is so diverse that an attempt to combine several bathroom fixtures taken from different manufacturers, styles and model lines can hardly be crowned with success. On the contrary, a ready-made set of bathroom fixtures combined according to the similar features and bearing a single design idea becomes a perfect solution for those people who value their time, money and physical efforts.

A usual vanity set consists of:

  • a cabinet
  • a sink (with or without a faucet)
  • a mirror (with or without light)

Any set provides its own design, but in most of the cases the general set appearance can be described as the following:

  • A free standing cabinet which can be either with feet or totally without them.
  • This cabinet is fitted out with several storage compartments and a sink that is usually of countertop, under counter or vessel type.
  • A faucet in combination with a pop up water trap system is an optional feature.
  • A wall mounted mirror, which can be optionally fitted out with side or bottom shelves and different types of lighting.
  • There can also be provided a left or right side case, but this is also an optional feature.

Materials and Finishes

  • Particleboard is the most commonly used cheap material. It is usually covered with vinyl and laminates finishes. This is an economic variant with low quality characteristics.
  • Solid Wood Vanities are more expensive, but the level of quality they offer is amazing. These models are usually stained and dyed to obtain a perfect tone and finish. The most popular kinds of wood used are the oak, maple and cherry.
  • Wood Veneer Material is a bit less expensive than solid wood material, but at the same time offers a high quality level and sufficient durability.
  • Laminate Vanities are the most popular ones, as they are both affordable and durable. These models have an attractive synthetic finish which is waterproof and easy for care.