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Cadet CSTC402TW

Cadet CSTC402TW

Cadet 4000W Com-Pak Twin Plus In-Wall Fan Heater - White

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How to Shop Electric Wall Heaters

There’s no doubt about it, home space heating is an important matter that frequently becomes a true concern for many homeowners. When we come closer to the winter season, this issue turns out to be more and more typical. It is highly important to choose the right home heater in order to provide the whole family with top quality heating performance. Purchasing an electric wall heater rewards homeowners with highly efficient heating technology that not only provides the entire house with sufficient warmth, but also transforms it into a highly efficient system for family budget savings.

There is a very large selection of electric wall heaters in the contemporary market. An inexperienced homeowner can easily get lost among the rich supply of electric heater models intended for wall mounting. The two basic types of electric wall heaters differ from traditional heating technology.

Radiant Wall Heaters. These heaters are purposefully constructed to produce immediate warmth. It can be compared to standing under the sun rays and feeling their warmth. The generated heat is directed to a specific area, mainly in front of the heater, firstly warming people and any objects located within this zone. These heaters can be a perfect choice for small and middle sized rooms with several people inside them. They are energy efficient, do not contain moving parts and perform silent operation. At the same time, radiant wall heaters are equipped with adjustable thermostats and timers.

Fan-Forced Wall Heaters. These electric heaters are produced in a variety of sizes and performance capacities. They contain an inner metal coil. As soon as it gets warmed, a fan starts moving over the heat element and evenly spreads generated warmth throughout the whole room space. It can perfectly serve for a bedroom or a small sized office premises. Unlike radiant heaters, this type of electric wall heaters at fist warms the surfaces and only then people and objects. These heaters are usually fitted out with oscillation as well as heat and fan settings.

When choosing a new electric wall heater, there are some additional features to be considered:

  • Voltage should be chosen in accordance with the existing household wiring and demanded heat output. For standard residential areas the appropriate voltage value ranges from 120 to 240 Volts.
  • Wattage shows the overall amount of heat delivered by the wall heater in to the room. In order to decide upon the right wattage value, it is necessary first to find out the possible heat loss of that room.
  • Amperage determines the necessary wire sizes. The American Wire Gauge (AWG) is a standard for the electrical wire classification.

Summing up, it is important to mention that a high quality electric wall heater, properly installed and maintained, can easily satisfy the warmth needs of the whole family, become a useful helper during cold winter evenings, and significantly reduce the annual expenditures connected with electricity and heating bills.