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Lamp Heaters

Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of lamp heating devices for bathrooms. An ideal solution was created by the industry’s leading U.S. manufacturers NuTone and Air King that during few decades earned them a great reputation thanks to their innovative plumbing fixtures and devices. If you are seeking bathroom lamp heaters providing instant warmth and maximum convenience you are at the right place.

Take care of your family by ordering one of quintessential accessories for a bathroom. Most lamp heaters offered at Westside Wholesale are amazing 3-in-1 devices that can outstandingly perform in three basic features – as a bathroom light source, a built-in heater and a quiet exhaust fan. Stay warm during cold months and save your bathroom from excessive moisture and bad ventilation utilizing the multifunctional lamp heaters offered at Westside Wholesale.

We collaborate with the leading companies specializing in the manufacturing of innovative plumbing fixtures and devices. One of such manufacturers is a U.S. based company Broan-NuTone that produces fan/heat/light units ready for efficient and cost-effective operation. Energy efficiency is supplemented by multiple functions these devices can offer. For example, you can easily turn your bathroom into an oasis of light and warmth thanks to NuTone units because of the built-in heat controls and backdraft shutters.

Warm up commercial restrooms or home bathroom with NuTone two-bulb infrared heaters combined with exhaust fans in one device.

Get the best offers of modern bathroom heaters at Westside Wholesale. No shipping costs, no delivery problems and a welcoming Customer support are the main reasons to become our store’s buyer.

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Nutone 9412D

Nutone 9412D

Nutone Ceiling Heater, One-Bulb Heat-A-Lamp

Our Price: $29.99
as low as: $26.99

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How to Select

How to Shop Lamp Heaters

It’s not a secret that all of us are constantly trying to find the most convenient ways to save our family budget, improving the strategy of home economy. Amid the contemporary household appliances production, which provides the homeowners with up-to-date and energy efficient smart devices, it becomes easier and easier to reduce the average amount of expenditures intended for daily household keeping. One of such useful appliances is a bathroom heater combined with a lighting fixture. There is no need any more to install a heater and lighting separately from each other. Now there is a unique possibility to combine these two functions in one device and save family budget.

So, what are the main things you should consider when choosing a proper lamp heater?

Room Size. First of all, decide upon the bathroom size and the size of the future heater. The lamp heaters are more effective if they are installed in small rooms with low ceilings. Any bathroom can be related to three main size types:

  • A Small Room, which size does not exceed 10 cubed meters.
  • A Middle Room, which size ranges between 10 and 20 cubed meters.
  • A Large Room, which size exceeds 20 cubed meters.

Bulb Types. The contemporary lamp heaters manufacturers have managed to create the light bulbs that can provide both normal light and infrared radiation for room heating. Such bulbs direct the instant warmth right after being switched on. They have special construction that protects these bulbs from moisture and water splashing. Besides, bulbs used in lamp heaters have a sufficiently long lifespan.

Heat and Light Connections. When choosing a proper lamp heater it is important to ensure that the heater is provided with the option of a separate switching for lighting and heating components. Otherwise, each time you need to turn on the light, you will also need to turn on the heater.

Ventilation. Most of the lamp heaters are also equipped with a ventilation function. A built in fan helps to cope with fume and steam accumulation, saves from dampness, and in combination with heater can spread the warmth evenly throughout the whole room without heating just one concrete spot.

Extra Features. All lamp heaters can be fitted out with additional features that significantly simplify the heater’s workflow. One of such features, which could be considered during the heater purchasing, is an automatic thermal cutout. It saves the device from overheating and potential damages.

These are only several of the most important factors to consider when choosing a lamp heater. There are many other options that should be considered while shopping, but regardless of what kind of lamp heater you choose, the main merit of a standard lamp heater will remain the same – a warm and cozy bathroom in any season.