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Bathroom Heaters

Westside Wholesale online store gives customers a chance to save money on heating, lightning and ventilation devices for your bathroom by purchasing one ultra-innovative device instead of three standard units. To do this you can check a wide assortment of efficient bathroom heaters we offer at the lowest prices with no sipping costs and quick delivery.

Our store collaborates only with the most respected and recognized brands in the industry, specializing in manufacturing of ultra quiet ceiling mounted fans with additional features of light LED technologies, smart air ventilation and cost-effective heating systems.

Panasonic WhisperWarm ceiling mounted fan/heat combinatory devices are small, quiet and easy to install/utilize without professional assistance. These devices are based on a tubular, stainless-steel heating element providing optimal heat spreading and electrical insulation at the certain level of elevated temperature. The fan housing part in bathroom heaters by Panasonic is usually made of galvanized heavy-gauge zinc to protect a device from rust.

If Panasonic’s bathroom heaters do not seem efficient enough, check the products provided by NuTone. Since 1932 this U.S. manufacturer delivers forward-thinking bathroom fan/heater combinations for residential use. Save your bathroom from smells, stale air and steam and heat with maximum comfort thanks to the innovative NuTone heat/fan/light/night light devices with an automatic turn on/turn off switch.

Cadet is another trustworthy U.S. company that supplies top-notch bathroom wall heaters with smart double pole thermostats for warming medium to large closeted restrooms. Most heaters by Cadet can also serve as exhaust fans during summer months.

Westside Wholesale online store gathered the best offers of innovative bathroom heaters made by U.S. manufacturers. In addition, we provide the user-friendly Customer support and no shipping costs for our loyal buyers.

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Cadet RBF101

Cadet RBF101

Cadet 1000W Fan-Forced Wall Heater, with Grill & Frame Only - Chrome

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as low as: $145.52

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How to Select

How to Shop Bathroom Heaters

Personal comfort is a significantly important life quality characteristic for most people. No matter where we are and what we are doing, we constantly strain after better life conditions, a comfortable home atmosphere and a convenient household environment. All these qualities can be easily combined in a usual, traditional bathroom. Have you ever analyzed how a good morning shower or a relaxing evening bath influences your overall physical and mental state? The more pleased we are with these procedures, the better our mood will be. During the winter months this issue becomes especially typical—it is hell to take a shower in a cold bathroom. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Purchasing a good bathroom heater can save you from an unpleasant winter experience.

In order to choose the right bathroom heater, it is recommended that you learn about the main types on the market and their technologies. All bathroom heaters can be divided by two main characteristics: their mounting location and working technology.

Types of Bathroom Heaters According to the Mounting Location:

  • Wall Mounted Heaters are the most popular bathroom heating devices. They are extremely easy to be installed directly on the wall, feature a high efficiency level, use electrical energy source, and possess a fixed location that minimizes the risk of an electrical shock.
  • Baseboard Bathroom Heaters also refer to the electrical devices. They are mounted along the bathroom baseboard and have a direct wiring connection with the electrical line, which is accompanied by a pretty amount of installation work. Complete sealing and covering make these heaters quite safe and at the same time a bit more expensive than the other bathroom heating alternatives.
  • Portable Heaters refer to a significantly cheap variant of bathroom heating, which could be suitable for people renting an apartment. There are air forced and radiant types of portable bathroom heaters. They are convenient as they do not require any installation at all, but at the same time, their safety quality remains doubtful.
  • Ceiling Mounted Heaters refer to the most fixed and permanent type of bathroom heaters. They are installed in the ceiling and provide a sufficient safety, efficiency and space economy.

Types of Bathroom Heaters According to the Working Technology:

  • Hydronic Heating works as a central heating system pushing hot water to the under-floor heating coils or radiators throughout a piping network.
  • Heating Lamps simultaneously provide several services. They ensure both a focused source of heating and lighting.
  • Radiant Electric Bar Heaters are specially constructed to provide a quick, furious radiant heating when it is urgently needed. They are ideal for small areas like bathroom.

When choosing any type of bathroom heater it is always a good thing to remember that the main purpose of these devices it to bring warmth and comfort to your life. This is why each customer has his own best model, which corresponds to their personal request and needs.