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How to shop for Bathroom Sinks

Westside Wholesale is a trusted supplier of high-quality, stylish bathroom sinks. Bathroom sinks are an integral part of the room. The sink’s main functions are for washing hands, a place to brush your teeth and to shave.

A bathroom sink will often be coordinated with other furniture or fittings in the room. Many people like to match bathroom sinks to the bath and the toilet. Even the storage, floor and mirrors can be in keeping with the same style. Kitchen suppliers will sell packages that include all these items or for the more intrepid shopper they can be sourced individually.

At Westside Wholesale you can find the sink to meet your needs with only a few clicks. When shopping for sinks you should keep the following things in mind.

  • Material. Stone, metal and plastic are all common materials found in the modern bathroom. Stone tends to be more expensive due to its weight and the skill required to work with it. Granite or marble will give a stylish and luxurious feel to your room. Metal is popular but must be non-ferrous or coated to make it rust resistant. Stainless steel has been pretreated to remove the problem of rust, however, it is not commonly found in bathrooms because of its utilitarian feel. Ceramic sinks are a popular choice because mass production allows a huge range of styles and colors to be produced at an economic price point.
  • Ease of Cleaning. Because of the wet and humid environment of the bathroom special attention must be paid to cleaning. The environment is particularly conducive to the growth of bacteria. A good anti-bacterial spray or bleach should be deployed to kill off germs before they develop and start to pose a threat to health.
  • Cost. A high quality and stylish sink does not have to cost the earth. By comparing the sinks available and signing up the Westside Wholesale mailing list customers can become aware of the regular special offers available. That is not to say that the regular prices are not already very competitive.

If you need further advice then you should consult with the online experts at Westside Wholesale. They will be able to provide you will with expert advice and answers to any of your questions. Additionally, they can recommend a variety of accessories such as faucets and pipes to ensure your sink operates to the highest standards.