Kraus Bathroom Sinks

WestsideWholesale revolutionizes customer’s vision with Kraus bathroom faucet collections. Available in four distinctive finishes. Made from durable cast brass, these faucets are thoughtfully created by professionnals who continuously explore new forms, colors and shapes to create a variety of exquisite pieces of faucet. All of these details are made from outstanding materials and polished to perfection. If you want to add a piece of elite class bathroom supplies, even epatage and style to any bath interior just choose Kraus faucets.

Kraus USA made our life convenient by manufacturing attainable, dynamic plumbing that evoke the luxury of European SPA culture. Ranging from dynamic curves to more traditional silhouettes, each unit becomes a point of modern convenience with timeless design. Beyond the striking appearance of Kraus products, from elite group to economy options, designers and our managers manage a highly efficient system to ensure endless value for our customers. We work tirelessly with a true passion to ensure that each Kraus product is finished flawlessly and sold with care to the customers.

The single handle series: our warehouse facility hosts most popular models to our customers. Here represented both vintage (oil rubbed Riviera Kraus FVS-1005-PU-10ORB) and modern (like nickel finished Virtus vessel faucet Kraus KEF-15500-PU15BN or stainless steel Kraus PHOENIX-2). Meet simple design with easy-turn levers and slim shapes (also “starring” accurate Ventus Kraus KEF-15000BN, wavy Kraus KEF-14600-PU-10CH, exotic Bamboo series Kraus KBF-1300-PU-10SN and others).

The two-handle series: allowing our clients to have accurate, on-demand information about products in this category. Find endless creativity in transform interior spaces through striking design of Illusio series (Kraus KEF-14703-PU11CH and Kraus KEF-14703CH). A widespread faucet goes with extremely time-tested solid brass quality, temperature control and pop up drain.

Kraus is proud to support the whole list of sink certifications like following UPC, cUPC, CSA, IAPMO, ANSI and SCC.

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How to Select

How to Shop Bathroom Sinks

Nowadays it is a bit difficult to imagine a contemporary bathroom without a fashionable, smartly designed bathroom sink. The main function of any sink is to provide its owner with a convenient area for washing up, brushing teeth, shaving and other daily water procedures. Nowadays, a bathroom sink can not only serve as a functional bathroom fixture, but also become its focal point. The variety of styles, designs, models and manufacturers only contribute to this additional aesthetic bathroom sink feature.

Obviously, the design and its beauty is extremely important, but before you make a decision on your final purchase it is recommended to check several technical issues.

Any bathroom sink can be evaluated by three main characteristics:

  • Installation Types. Wall Mounted Sinks are installed directly on the wall and are mainly suitable for the small sized bathrooms. There is also a usable space provided below the sink, which is of great importance in the restricted space. Pedestal Bathroom Sinks are also suitable for small bathrooms because they do not require vanities. This type of sinks can be also mounted to the wall, but at the same time it rests on a pedestal located right below the sink. Top Mounted or Countertop Sinks are placed inside a vanity top cutout. Such sinks secure themselves with a rim and can be also used with a tiled countertop. They are also called self-rimming or drop-in sinks. Undercounter Bathroom Sinks are placed below the vanity top or counter, providing an uninterrupted solid surface between the sink and the vanity top. Console Sinks refer to the wall mounted sinks, but are also supported by two legs installed at the front of the console sink. Vessel Bathroom Sinks are designed as a free-standing bowl that simply rests on the vanity top surface. Some sinks can be partially reassessed into the countertop. This type of sinks is the mast variable one with hundreds of styles and art designs.
  • Configuration Types. The bathroom sink configuration depends on the type of faucets that a householder is using. Depending on the faucet design, a bathroom sink may have either one or three holes on its back panel.
  • Material. Vitreous China, Fireclay or Porcelain – this is the most common kind of material used for bathroom sinks production. Such sinks have easily cleaned surface and can be cracked even after a slight knocking. Glass material is widely used for vessel sinks. They can be performed in numerous colors, designs and styles. The tempered glass is preferable for bathroom sinks production. It is more resistant to shattering or cracking.

Among other widely used materials cast iron, metal, stone, concrete, solid surfaces, wood, and even bamboo are used for bathroom sinks. No matter what material or mounting style is used, all bathroom sinks can offer benefits like ease of cleaning, heat and crack resistance, spots protection, reinforced solid surfaces, and environmentally friendly performance.