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How to Shop Bathroom Sink and Faucet Combos

Every time we plan a new bathroom design, we want it to combine both an aesthetic look and up-to-date functionality. For people who are interested in unique and unusual solutions implemented within the common routine atmosphere, there could be suitable a contemporary bathroom sink and faucet combo. Of course it is convenient to purchase a ready-made combo, while it saves from expending additional energy in searching for suitable combinations of sinks and faucets. When choosing the right combo it is necessary to learn about the characteristics of both sinks and faucets.

Sink Types. The sinks used for combo models mainly refer to the vessel type. These combos are fixed on the countertop surface and can be made of two different materials:

  • Ceramic Sinks are performed in classical and traditional designs. They can be provided in a pure white color as well as in variety of soft pink, blue and green shades. Their surface is thoroughly polished and coated with an impermeable layer, which is highly resistant to scratches and stains.
  • Glass Sinks are performed in a significantly more artistic and modern appearance. They are produced in single-tone colors, as well as in multi-colored and patterned designs. These bathroom fixtures can be often compared to a pure work of art, and not just like to a simple bathroom sink. The glass used for sinks production is tempered, which makes it cracking and scratching resistant.

Faucet Types. The bathroom sink and faucet combos are generally equipped with special vessel faucets of single lever design. This is a modern and innovative one-handle construction that shows a high efficiency level in comparison to the standard double-handle models. Adjusting only one handle, a homeowner can easily control both water pressure and temperature. Such construction helps to save space, costs, and efforts spent for the bathroom sink and faucet installation.

Summarizing the above provided information, there could be distinguished several important benefits obtained together with the purchasing of a modern bathroom sink and faucet combo.,/p>

  • The Cost Efficiency is quite evident. Purchasing a previously combined set, a customer is saving a significant amount of money taken from the family budget.
  • Design Matching is perfectly achieved by a smart combination of colors, styles, shapes, and materials. Purchasing a ready-made combo, there is no need to worry about design discrepancies.
  • Diversity in Styles and Prices is intended to save time and efforts usually spent for a bathroom fixtures purchasing.