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How to Shop Flush Valves and Parts

A toilet flush valve is an extremely important part of any toilet. It has been created not only to perform a basic function of water flushing and cleaning the toilet inner surface, but also to provide a quiet and efficient performance that provides a low-flow function and water preservation. Flash valves can differ by materials, spare parts, functions and implemented technological mechanisms. There are available brass, zinc or hard plastic fixtures, valves with old float ball style or valves with a new float mechanisms where the float is directly attached to the water fill tube. Such method greatly improves the valve fill shut off.

With that said, before making the right choice, it is necessary to consider the following issues:

  • Brass Assembly. While looking for a durable and high quality flash valve with reliable spare parts, the best choice will be a brass valve. Brass refers to water resistant materials and is securely protected from the corrosion that usually appears in the toilet area. More than that, being not as hard as steel, brass is hardly to be cracked if under pressure.
  • Plastic Assembly. Hard Plastic flush valves are cheaper, but after some decent period of time it will weaken, especially if being in a constant contact with water, just like in a toilet tank. Of course, the new technologies have done a lot to improve the overall quality of plastic material, but its main drawback of getting rot and easily cracked remains unchangeable.
  • Siphoning Air. Sanitary flush valves can perform their workflow in two main directions – with air or anti-air siphoning feature. A syphon toilet valve has a possibility of water being sucked back from the toilet tank down to the system in case of unexpected decrease of water pressure level. It can happen in many situations like a fire-fighting operation or a simple neighboring water main.
  • Anti-Air Siphoning. This type of flush valve construction is a perfect solution for environments with constant low water pressure problems. Anti-air system preserves water in the toilet tank in any case, preventing in from pulling back into water supply system. In this case a toilet will continue proper flushing even if there is not enough water in the supply system. An anti-air syphon is a must for all toilets equipped with a new low flow technology.
  • Old Style Flush Valves. Old flush valve types still exist today, which is attached by a screw to an arm, holding a large black float. Of course, the old standard of flash valves is considered to be familiar and easy to fix, but it no longer remains the most reliable one. In order to provide your home with the most reasonable and highly efficient devices, it is strongly recommended to follow the new trends in modern technologies—trends that are continuously growing. This will significantly contribute to the level of your life comfort and budget savings.