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Shower Enclosures

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What can be better than a refreshing morning shower taken in a comfortable relaxing environment? That is a dream of many people, and it can easily become true. All you need is just to make a slight remodeling of your old, probably, not so stylish any longer bathroom. Surely, the punch line of the future redesigned bathroom should be a new top quality shower enclosure, which will not only bring you physical relaxation and moral delight during a shower time, but also spare a significant part of bathroom space and make it more functional and rational in daily maintenance.

So, while planning a shower enclosure purchase it is strongly recommended to consider several useful tips that will help homeowners to take the right decision while standing in front of a sanitary store show room.

Size and Shape. There is a big choice of various sizes and shapes offered for shower enclosures. Customers can choose among square, oblong, rectangular, and quadrate shapes. In any case, it is important to choose the shape and size which will leave enough space in the bathroom for free and convenient moving.

With or Without Tray. A tray is an important part of any shower enclosure. It can be either of low or high performance and provide a secure protection from possible leakages. A high tray performs an additional function of a bathtub. This pleasant supplementary application can become a real present for those people who are fond of long time bath taking and cannot choose between a shower enclosure and a bathtub. Still, there also exists a possibility of a shower enclosure being installed without tray. This is more simple construction, but in most of the cases it leads to excessive moisture and constant leakages, especially if to be mounted not by a professional technician.

One more thing to know about trays is the material they are made of. Mainly this can be either acrylic or ABS panels. ABS is a cheaper option. It has a slightly bluish color that quickly gets yellow spots and unpleasant dirty look, while acrylic material remains snow white for a long period of time. At the same time, it can easily get cracked and obtain undesired spider nets.

Testing of Shower Enclosure Parts. First of all, it is important to check the aluminum frames and metal tray supports for corrosion. If the product is of low quality, after a short period of exploitation time the chrome plating will be chipped or peeled off. That is why it is important to buy shower enclosures from those companies that have successfully passed the anti-corrosion salt tests for all their metal spare parts.

Door rollers are responsible for the overall quality value and longevity of any shower enclosure. These spare parts should be produced from a top quality metal material and perform a slight soft sliding inside the door frame.

One more vitally important thing is a door sealing. A good magnetic stripped seal will keep water inside the shower enclosure and contribute to the general aesthetic appearance of this bathroom fixture.

Those are just several the most important tips about shower enclosures. Certainly, these smart and elegant bathroom fixtures remain one of the most popular and commonly used alternatives for big clumsy bathtubs. If you are eager to change your bathroom and bring it to the new level of comfort and efficiency, than this product should be you primary choice.