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Westside Wholesale presents: the most common latest of this season. Meet the with thunderous applaus, Chicago Faucets! Producing bath fixtures for over than a century, from the heart of U.S. this company composed a wide range of real competitiveness product. The range depends on the zone in a bathroom where to use faucets: either sink or a bath tub, wall-mounted or widespread type, these units enchanted with their uniqueness.

Chicago Faucet Company was founded in 1901 year in Illinois state, Chicago city. The aloud invention of the founder A. Crown, the cartridge Quaturn in 1913, certainly improved the water pressure control valve and made valve operation easier without a lot of efforts. Today, Chicago Faucet Company employs more than 500 people in seven states and stays originally USA company. We put attention on sales about of $ 70 million a year and its annually rising temps. That’s why Westside Wholesale is ready to introduce their best offers.

Models and series of Chicago Faucets:

Single handle faucets are traditionally reaching the top of the sales and made to outperform the design of bathroom.

Chicago Faucets 4inches two handle units that contain no plastic parts; these faucets are designed in monoblock panel and Low Lead Wristblade. Meet useful two handle metering faucets by Chicago Faucets can help to save water and customer’s money An uniquely designed 12-Inch widespread lavatory faucet;

Adjustable bathroom sink faucets that uses flexible hose connections to feed the hot and cold water to the spout assembly;

A single hole, sensor operated deck mounted lavatory faucet. This unique model is represented in single position but meets all the customer’s expectations: Dual Beam Infrared Sensor goes with Concealed Internal Temperature Control Mixer and durable Stainless Steel Hoses. We offering in complex for free 6 Volt Lithium CRP2 Battery for easy start usage.

Finishing and filling: Chicago faucets offer the latest solutions for the bathroom and shower incarnate in fittings with quick coupling socket and plug, faucet accessories and parts; solid brass and plated in chrome show the faucets easy on the eyes.

Enjoy a wide assortment of rare and amazing faucets that care about the interior, from the drinking fountains to the equipment for public places.

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Chicago Faucets 2200-ABCP

Chicago Faucets 2200-ABCP

Chicago Faucets, Bathroom Faucet ECAST Low Lead Marathon Single-Handle w/4 3/4" Spout - Chrome

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How to Select

How to Shop for Bathroom Faucets

Bathroom faucets account for a large portion of water usage in your home. A leaky faucet can become a major heating energy and water waster, allowing the unused water along with the energy used to heat it to go down the drain. Leakage losses caused by defective bathroom faucets account for between five and ten percent of household water consumption, which is why choosing high-quality faucets for your bathroom is especially important.

Selecting the right bathroom faucets can be quite a bewildering task. The choice is limitless not only in terms of styles, colors, textures and finishes, but also in terms of modes of operation, the number of holes required and the mounting method.

Based on the mode of operation, bathroom faucets can be hand-operated or electronic. The latter usually feature sensors that release water without touch and allow you to wash hands without dealing with handles that may be dirty. Sensor-triggered faucets are also safe from excess dripping and therefore can save approximately 75% of the water as compared to standard faucet fixtures. These devices typically use solar power or batteries to operate.

Bathroom faucets may also require a different number of holes, from one for a monobloc to four-hole bath/shower faucets (hot, cold, spout, shower). They can be mounted on the basin or bath, wall-hung, floor-mounted or worktop-mounted. Your choice will be probably defined by whether you prefer an asymmetrical look with a tap that is placed to the right or left, or a more classic style with several holed faucets or two taps placed in the center.

The design of the faucet also depends on your bathroom. Victorian faucets in oil rubbed bronze or brass with their pleasing curves would look great in a period bathroom, while a modern one would be the right fit for almost any styles in chrome or brushed nickel. An understated contemporary faucet that can emphasize a clean-lined ambience would do the trick for a chic, minimalist-style bathroom.

As far as prices go, saving on bathroom faucets is not the best idea. Inexpensive faucets may mix cold and hot water unevenly and end up costing you more in the long run. Invest in high-quality bathroom faucets that will provide years of high performance and allow you to be in complete control of water pressure and temperature. Despite being the most frequently used fixture in the bath, the better quality faucets will age well and serve you substantially longer, making you forget about constant drips.