Bionaire Air Purifier Filters

WestsideWholesales offers Bionaire air purifiers that can eliminate contaminants in the air. This household appliance is useful for all. However, there are groups of customers that need the devices of this type more than others. Allergy patients and asthmatics feel considerable relief at houses with air purifiers. One can reduce sufferings from second-hand tobacco smoke using Bionaire air purifiers. WestWholesales presents the following products:

  • Bionaire Ionizing HEPA Tower Air Cleaner BAP825U
  • Bionaire Ionizing HEPA Tower Air Cleaner BAP815BU

The main difference between them is the area coverage. The first one fits the accommodation up to 180 square feet while the second one will be useful in the houses up to 120 square feet because of its capacity. It affects the price. One of them is two times more expensive than the other.

Bionaire is a globally famous company that distributes its products in 40 countries of the world. Air purifier is one of the most reliable means for fight with different diseases of contemporary metropolis such as allergies, cardiovascular problems and other conditions. Clean air is a necessary requirement of a normal functioning of the organism. The customers just need to place Bionaire air purifier to the right place and let the appliance do its work! Bionaire air purifiers proved to be reliable, easy to use household appliances with maximal rate of air purification.

Both air purifiers mentioned earlier have remote control that lets the householders operate the device conveniently. Enhance air circulation in the room with device that removes bad odors, ionizes air and is able to remove up to 99% of harmful particles (airborne) with assistance of HEPA filter. Carbon filter captivates pollen, smoke and dust. The light indicator prompts when to change a filter. The unit also has washable prefilter and several speed settings.

Acquire the appliance with sleek and convenient design in the form of a tower. It perfectly fits the corner of the room. In this way, it does not take much space and does not attract attention, doing important and useful work of air purification.

WestsideWholesale is ready to provide all kinds of supplies for the air purifier filters. The appliances would not work so long for us without the replacement components. Helping clients to extend the life of their appliances the air purifier Bionaire filters make air in the house fresh and clean.

Bionaire BAPF30DU is a Bionaire original replacement HEPA filter. Use it for Holmes and Bionaire air purifiers. The pack contains 2 filters.

The slogan of the company says: welcome to the great indoors. This is really true and not just hype. The customers in more than 40 countries of the world use the home enhancement Bionaire products with pleasure. Air cleaning products from this company became a reliable means of fight with breathing issues. The customers highly evaluate the opportunity to breathe in air deeply without fear of allergy. Buying air purifier filters the customer takes measures against the range of diseases such as stroke, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and etc. It is surprising how one can easily control the environment with air purifier.

Refuse from stale polluted air with a Bionaire original replacement HEPA filter. It provides filtration of tiny particles and traps them. Using vacuum cleaner the person can’t get rid of such small particles. They just recirculate back into the environment leaving the air polluted. HEPA filter passes a serious test to prove to be worthy of the name HEPA. All HEPA filters obtain a serial number. The filters should trap 99% of the particles of size 0.3 microns. The price of HEPA filters is higher than the price of the ordinary filters. However, the distinction is clear. Other filters capture particles from 1 micron. They do not guarantee high percent as HEPA does.

Protect your close people from the airborne contaminants that make your environment dangerous. Lock pollen, dust mite, pet dander and other harmful particles in the filter of the air purifier. Householders can be sure that nothing will get back from the high efficiency filter. People should replace the filter in time to contribute to the nice ambience of the place.

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Bionaire BAPF30DU

Bionaire BAPF30DU

Bionaire Original Replacement HEPA Filters for Bionaire/Holmes Air Purifiers (Pack of 2)

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How to Select

How to select Air Purifier Filters

A filter is the most essential detail of every air purifier that exists today. Since such equipment performs all of the cleaning work, making the air in the room fresh and healthy, equipping the device with the right filter is crucially important. This guide will help you select a filter that will fit your air purifier.

The most common type of a filtering technology that a majority of air cleaning devices use is HEPA. HEPA filters help dispose of biological pollutants and bacteria and make the air healthier. However, there are other filtering technologies that clean the air from other pollutants such as harmful gases, odors and micro particles. This means that you will have to specify the type of filter your air purifier uses before you start shopping.

After the type of the air purifier filter is specified, you will have to calculate the filter’s capacity. This step will allow you to know how long a replacement filter will last and when would you need to change it again. This knowledge helps calculate the operation cost of the device and plan the budget accordingly.

The next factor to consider when selecting an air purifier filter is the material it is made from. Since this is the part that performs all the cleaning, you need to ensure it is environmentally friendly and safe to use. Any filter’s material should not be toxic or allergenic; otherwise there’s no point of using it. Carefully read the filter’s description before you buy it and ensure that it complies with the industry’s safety and quality standards.

Price is also a very important factor which you should start considering before you even buy an air purifier. Oftentimes a device with significantly lower price than similar air purifiers uses very expensive filters. Since they should be changed at least twice a year, you will spend huge amount of money on such purifiers’ maintenance. Always calculate the operation cost of any device before you buy it.

Now that you know what type of filter you need, you may still have some questions that require answers. Here are the most often question people ask about air purifiers:

Is it safe to use an air purifier in a house?

Modern air purifiers are designed and manufactured with safety in mind. However, some of the air-generating devices that are sold today have nothing to do with providing you with clean air. Ozone generators, for example, not only don’t make the air cleaner but also represent a serious danger to human health. As long as you don’t use an ozone generator as an air purifier, you and your loved ones are safe.