Bionaire Portable Air Purifiers

Bionaire BAP815BU

Bionaire BAP815BU

Bionaire Ionizing HEPA Tower Air Cleaner for Rooms up to 120 Sq. Ft.

Our Price: $54.22

How to Select

How to select Portable Air Purifiers

The best feature of a portable air purifier, in addition to its ability to clean the air from harmful particles, is that it can be moved to the location of your choice. This means that instead of purchasing a device for every room of your house you can use a single air purifier to do the cleaning job of many devices. We have prepared the following guide to help you select the perfect choice for your home.

First factor to consider when selecting a portable air cleaner is the technology that it uses. Since the main purpose of such a device is to remove the air from harmful substances or particles, you need to know exactly what such substances are and then select the purifier with a compatible filter. For example, if you know that there is a hazardous gas present in the air, ensure that the purifier that you select will be able to absorb the gas. If you don’t know what exactly is wrong with the indoor air but know for sure it is not healthy, a HEPA purifier may be the perfect option for you. Devices with HEPA technology are used in hospitals, spas and clean rooms and proven to be efficient and safe.

Now that you know the type of your future portable air purifier it is time to find out what its cleaning capacity is. The power of each device is measured by ACH, air changes per hour. This means the amount of clean air that can fill the entire room in an hour of a device’s operation. The recommended ACH ratio for all air cleaning devices is 2. So before you purchase a portable air cleaner, ensure that it is powerful enough to clean the air in a room of your choice.

Operating cost is another significant factor to consider. The more energy a purifier spends while operating, the more often its filters need to be replaced and the more time it requires for maintenance, the higher is the operating cost of such device. Before you commit to buying an air purifier, pay closer attention to its specifications. More than that pay even closer attention to the filter’s price and capacity. The air purifier itself may be cheap, but it all comes down to the filter technology and the cost of its replacement.

Maintenance and noise level are yet other factors to consider. As we have stated earlier, the primary part of a purifier’s maintenance is replacing its filters. Ensure that it is simple and can be performed by a non-professional. In addition to that, look for a device that is manufactured from durable and resistant materials. As for the noise, if you are planning to use such device nonstop, ensure that it has silent operation.