Bosch Electric Hybrid Tank Water Heater

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Bosch Compress HP 200-1

Bosch Compress HP 200-1

Bosch Hybrid Water Heater, 240V 50 Gallons Electric Whole House w/ Compress Heat Pump - Indoor

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How to Select

How to shop for an Electric Hybrid Tank Water Heater

When shopping for a hybrid tank heater the diverse selection of these products can be baffling, almost overwhelming. Electric hybrid heaters combine systems from on demand and tank based systems.

Hybrid systems bring on demand hot water, energy efficiency and environment savings into your home.

To do this tank technology such as a thermostat is utilized. Hybrids will often have a small storage tank that gently warms fresh water. This reduces the energy needed by the flow system when it comes to instantaneous water production. For a system to be categorized as a hybrid it is usual to see these characteristics. The use of a storage tank, albeit at a smaller volume than a traditional tank. An inbuilt heated water reservoir and dual functionality using both flow heating and control by thermostat.

When selecting a hybrid heater these are important considerations.

  • Size. The size of the water heater chosen will affect the capacity of hot water that can be delivered. Depending on the number of devices requiring a supply of hot water and the pressure of the water-supplied size must be calculated. Usually a professional plumber can assist in this calculation. Factors to take into account are the inflow pressure, groundwater temperature and how many devices in operation.
  • Cost. Of course it is important to operate within a budget when choosing a hybrid water heater. However the cost should not be judged on initial equipment cost alone. Hybrid water heaters will lead to savings over the course of their lifetime. The extra energy efficiency will reduce heating bills and the cost can be recouped over the long life.
  • Quality. High quality equipment should always be chosen. This minimizes the risk of faults. Water damage can be expensive and time consuming to repair so a high quality unit is a must. Quality is also reflected in the safety features a device has. Many units will offer alerts and will automatically shut off should any problems arise.

Westside Wholesale only stock products from suppliers that our customers are completely satisfied with. All of our products come with a manufacturer warranty, assuring that our customers are protected — should problems arise, they will be quickly dealt with.

Westside Wholesale has experts that can help find the best hybrid heater for our customers and provide other advice on plumbing solutions.

If your aim is to save money over the long run and reduce your impact on the environment, a hybrid tank water heater is a great option.