Bosch Tronic 3000 US12 Tankless Water Heater, 240V 50A Electric Single-Point (Powerstream Pro RP12PT) - Indoor

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About the 240V, 50A Bosch US12 Point of Use Powerstream Pro Electric Thermostatic Tankless Water Heater

Heated water on demand is easy with the 240V, 50A Bosch US12 Point of Use Powerstream Pro Electric Thermostatic Tankless Water Heater. Conveniently sized to fit under your sink, this tankless water heater utilizes modern technology to convert your regular water flow into a heated source, on demand.

One of the most powerful hot water heaters on the market, the Bosch US12 Point of Use Powerstream Pro Electric Thermostatic Tankless Water Heater unit operates on 240 volts to bring you constantly heated water. The solid copper heat exchanger and sheathed heating element of this device are protected by a tough plastic shell, keeping your unit safe from damaging external factors. Best of all, this unit operates at 99% efficiency, meaning that you have little to no energy waste in your home.

Please have this device professionally installed if you would like to take full advantage of the five year factory warranty that accompanies the Bosch RP12PT Point of Use Powerstream Pro Electric Thermostatic Tankless Water Heater.

IMPORTANT: Must be PROFESSIONALLY INSTALLED to be eligible to receive a factory warranty.

Designed for point-of-use installation. Maximum flow rate is 2 Gallons per Minute (1 standard fixture / 2 low-flow fixtures)



• Pro Version of the Bosch PowerStar AE12
• Compact, Point-of-Use Tankless Water Heater
• Easy Installation
• 99 Percent Efficient with zero stand-by loss
• No temperature/Pressure Relief Valve Needed (check local codes)
• Solid Copper Heat Exchanger and Copper Sheathed Heating Element
• Tough Plastic Housing
• Thermostatic Control
• Endless Hot Water


• Replaces: Bosch Powerstream Pro RP12PT
• Volts: 240v Hardwired
• Kilowatts: 12 kW
• Amps: 50A
• Activation (Minimum) Flow Rate: 0.6 gpm
• Wire Size: Minimum #6 AWG
• Water Fittings: 1/2" male NPT
• Temperature Rise: 75° F at 1.1 gpm, 65° F at 1.3 gpm, 55° F at 1.5 gpm

Customer Reviews

The new 50A Bosch US12 240V

The new 50A Bosch US12 240V point of use power stream pro electric thermostatic tankless water heater. The device offers 99% efficiency as a result there is no energy to waste. There are basic features that make this tankless water heater number one quality product. I chose the professional installation as it provides full advantage of manufacturer's warranty. I got the tankless water heater online at the lowest price. Thank you! I recommend it!


on 07-10-2014 by Troy

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Questions & Answers

I am installing a floor hydronic heating system in a studio of 500 sq. ft. It will be heavily insulated in 16 inch joist width. I plan to run the water through 1/2 inch pex at about 115 deg. F. Would the Bosch US12 suffice?Thanks so much, Paul

by Paul C. on 03-01-2013

Good Afternoon, I would recommend contacting Bosch for this question. 800-503-5028Thank You

on 03-18-2013

Will this unit furnish enough hot water for an energy star rated dishwasher?

by Timothy M. on 02-27-2013

From the research I did it seems this unit would work fine with that dishwasher. I will provide the Bosch phone number for you for more technical support. Tel: 1-800-798-8161

on 03-12-2013

bosch instant heater ,with a 50 amp breaker .Used for shower luke warm water at best. If turn on water supply to much ,cold water only.Please help.

by william K. on 02-09-2013

For questions like this you will need to contact the manufacture or your installer.

on 04-02-2013

what are the dementions of the unit?

by Lyle W. on 11-27-2012

The dimensions of the Bosch US12 are 12-1/4" W x 6-1/2" Tx 3" D

on 11-27-2012

We ordered Bosch US12 to be dedicated to our new Jacuzzi tub 66" x 42". Our initial intension was to feed with our hot water so when we ran out the heater would kick in. We just received it and the installation instructions says NOT to feed it with HOT water. Will this heater be okay to feed only our tub? Our home hot water heater doesn't have enough capacity to fill our tub

by Melissa K. from Hollywood, Florida on 10-20-2012

This is correct, do not connect the Bosch Powerstream to a Hot line, as it is not designed for this. However, you can always connect the Powerstream to a cold line. Once you run out of hot water from your tank heater, you can initiate the secodary heater from the other line without needing to worry about feeding hot water into the Powerstream unit.

on 10-22-2012
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