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Broan HRVH100SE

Broan HRVH100SE

Broan Air Purifier, Heat Recovery Ventilator w/HEPA Filtration

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How to Select

How to select Air Purifiers

The quality of our indoor air is oftentimes lower than we think it is. Unwanted pollutants in the air can cause diseases that may lead to serious health risks. An air purifier installed in your house, office or other building will help you stay healthy and always enjoy clean and fresh air in the house. Since selecting such a device is not easy, we have prepared the guide that will help you.

To specify which air purifier you are looking for you need to know what type of pollutants it can remove. Here are the most common types of pollutants that can be found in every house:

Particles of harmful substances. Electronic and mechanical air cleaners can help you with particles of unwanted material. HEPA or as they are also called, high efficiency particulate air devices, can help you with such pollutant as well. The technology that HEPA devices use is electrostatic attraction that pulls charged particles to the filter and then captures them. To install such type of air purifier you need to have access to the electric line and that is pretty much all of the requirements.

Gaseous Pollutants are the next type of harmful substance that makes the air in the building hazardous and dangerous for your health. To remove gases and odors from the room, you need to look for an air purifier with gas-phase filters. Such filters are filled with various sorbents that absorb a specific type of gas. The number of gases that any of the devices can remove is limited and oftentimes doesn’t exceed two or three. This means that you will have to specify the type of gas that is present in the air and then look for a purifier with a compatible filter.

Along with HEPA and gas-phase, other technologies are used to remove the pollutants from the indoor air. For example, ultraviolet purifiers that use UV light to destroy harmful particles. The purpose of such air purifiers is to dispose of biological pollutants such as allergens, molds, bacteria and viruses. This is why UV air purifiers are used in hospitals, spa centers and health resorts.

Now that you know what type of air purifiers exist, selecting one for your home will be much easier. In order to find the perfect device, specify the type of pollutants that make the air in your house unhealthy. Then look for the device that has the filtering technology that will dispose of such pollutants. There’s no need to install all of the existent devices in the house, since the only thing that they will do when working together is make the air even unhealthier.