Broan Ceiling Mounted Heaters

Broan ceiling heaters are more efficient choice for heatening the rooms than whole house appliances. They are ideal for using in small rooms for short periods of time such as bathrooms or dressing areas. Fan-forced or infrared bulb heaters have the modern design and high quality construction. They also save energy as consume little power. This energy-saving warmth is a compact unit is easy to install and operate. Broan ceiling heaters maintain home comfort when needed.

Broan ceiling heaters help to feel comfortable during the cold weather season. The significant feature is that the air is heated evenly in the whole room because of the location of the heater. Other models tend to make air warmer only in one corner while these models are constructed to make you feel better.

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How to Select

How to select Ceiling Heaters

A ceiling heater may be the perfect device to install in many different types of locations, starting with an office and ending with a bedroom. Thanks to its heating technology that uses both convective and radiant heat, such devices distribute warm air faster and more efficient than any other forms of heating. In addition to that, ceiling fans allow covering large areas, such as industrial halls, shopping and sport centers as well as residential buildings.

The first thing to consider when selecting a ceiling heater is its sizing or, in other words, the area you want to heat with it. To calculate the wattage of such device, you need to multiply the square area of the room by 10 or 12, which is the number of watts required to heat 1 square foot. The number you will receive will be the wattage of the ceiling fan you are looking for. To be sure you select the device with suitable capacity, always average such number up.

The next factor to consider is the ceiling heater location. You should install these devices on the interior wall that is furthest from couches, sofas or drapes. In addition to that, ensure that the location of the heater is close to the outside wall, that way the room will heat faster.

Noise level. This factor becomes important when you are planning to install a ceiling fan in areas where people sleep. The quieter operation you need the higher quality the internal parts of such device should be and the more money that will cost you. If you can live without such feature you will be able to save additional money.

Thermostat and control location. It is always great to have a ceiling or any other type of heater that can be controlled from remote locations of your home. In addition to that, equipping such device with digital thermostat allows programming its operation depending on your needs. When selecting a ceiling heater, look for a device that already has such controls or is compatible with the thermostat of your choice.

Mounting option is the last but certainly not least important factor of a ceiling heater. A heater with surface mounting option provides you with more freedom and allows you to save money on reparation work. However if you are currently repairing your house and can afford to cut a hole in the wall, select a device with recessed mounting option. To install a ceiling fan according to all of the industry’s safety requirements, better hire a certified technician. That way you’ll be sure your heater is save and ready to be used.