Broan Exhaust System

Westside Wholesale presents a line of filtration systems developed and manufactured by Broan. Broan is an estimated leader on the world’s market, a manufacturer that sets the high innovation standards when it comes to ventilation solutions for residential application. Broan is famous to offer high quality products with a variety of functions and styles to fit any household. When our clients look for value, style and the name they can really trust, they definitely choose Broan.

The filtration systems line by Broan is presented at Westside Wholesale by fresh air ventilation & energy recovery system and fresh air & heat recovery filtration system.

The Broan air ventilation & energy recovery system combines filtration and ventilation functions. This system eliminates tiny particles and replaces pollutants of stale home air. It also helps to manage humidity. The system is developed to pre treat air with moisture and thermal energy and circulates it then throughout house space. The unit provides fresh air circulation that can relieve sufficiently irritated breathing or respiratory symptoms.

The system is rather easy to install and comes equipped with remote control for free. Fresh air and heat recovery filtration system we offer to purchase at Westside Wholesale was designed not only to clean the air but it also possesses the function of preheating the air that comes from outside before it is circulated inside. This provides additional comfort on cold days.

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Broan HRVH100SE

Broan HRVH100SE

Broan Air Purifier, Heat Recovery Ventilator w/HEPA Filtration

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