Broan Through Wall Fans

WestsideWholesale offers great products including quality ventilators from leading manufacturers and brand. This line of products can be used to ventilate people's homes or office and to get rid of unnecessary moisture. One of the places where the fans can be used would be utility rooms, laundry rooms, bathrooms, places where there are higher humidity levels. Sometimes people find mold and mildew in the areas where lots of moisture concentrates. This is a very common problem. It is hard to get rid of mold and a lot of the times people ask for specialists' help and assistance in getting rid of it. The best way to deal with the problem is to call a mold inspector to take the mold out. Next step is to try and fix the wetness around the areas and use a quality fan. The Broan utility ventilator is a high efficiency product that enables to clear off the humidity and moisture in the area quickly.

WestsideWholesale has a line of Broan fans that are through wall fans, room-to-room fans, bathroom fans with or without heaters and ceiling fans.

Broan utility fans will help to reduce smoke and will take care of the wet particles in the air. This fan is perfect for the kitchen area as well. The fan is installed in a wall to ensure permanent protection for the area. The style of the fan matches contemporary decor of most houses. It can be painted to match the color. The design of the fan is attractive with energy efficient features. It has a permanently lubricated and thermally protected motor. Ventilators can be installed in an interior door. It requires to have a hole in the interior wall in order to install the Broan ventilator.

Broan room-to-room ventilators consist of two grilles and a housing part. The can be installed between two rooms and help conserve energy from fireplaces and reduce odour levels in rooms. The housing in Broan models is made of steel. It's painted with epoxy paint. All Broan fans are available at wholesale prices at Westside Wholesale online store 24/7.

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Broan 508

Broan 508

Broan 10" Through Wall Fan - 270 CFM

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