Broan Wall Heaters

Being a popular option for household and office use, the Broan Wall Heaters are gaining more popularity today due to their extended technical features. The clients like to use Broan Wall Heaters because they add additional warmth while being unnoticeable in the interior. This type of heater takes very little space and the chosen heater size must match the room capacity. The Broan company is the leading producer of the residential type of ventilation products. Broan is known to produce quality bath and ventilation fans, range hoods, trash contractors, attic ventilation appliances, heaters, etc. Being on the market for a long time, the Broan company has gained the reputation of quality ventilation and heating appliances manufacturer today. Many clients choose Broan products due to their extended technical features and qualities that are simply great for everyday household use.

One of the best Broan Wall heaters feature is their noise-free capability. Being a great addition or a separate room heating device, the Broan wall heaters look like a central ventilation unit. We believe that heating up the room quickly is important when cold months of the season come. The thermal overload protection insures day and night safety. The featured powerful air delivery and one of the kind Broan-designed blower is additional great option because it enables the device to produce heat immediately after it has been turned on. With the purchase of Broan wall heater there is no need to suffer from weather changes and temperature fluctuations while this device will enable you to save on utility bills.

Broan Wall Heaters Major Features List:

  • Central forced air heating look;
  • Zonal control comfort convenience;
  • Broan-designed blower;
  • Lubricated motor for quite use;
  • Featured powerful air delivery;
  • Simple in use heating features;
  • Quick room warm-up;
  • Thermal overload protection;
  • Hazard-free, 100% safe for children and pets;
  • Wall-mounted convenience and use;
  • Line-voltage thermostat;
  • Affordable discounted price.

Broan 128

Broan 128

Broan 2000W Maximum Register Heater

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How to Select

How to Select a Wall Heater

When choosing a wall heater, you will need to consider the room you are interested in heating, and how much space you would like heated. In addition, the type of heating device should depend on if you need radiant heating, or direct heating.


The voltage rating of your power connection is important to know when choosing a heater. Some units are designed for 240v connection which are designed for Commercial line voltage and will not properly work in your home. For a home connection, 120v models are suitable.


The wattage of the heater directly reflects the amount of heat it can produce. Higher wattage heaters can attain a higher volume of heat. However, consider this if you are heating for smaller rooms. To maximize efficiency and safety, it is not recommended to install a high powered heater in a small room.


Some wall heaters come with a built-in thermostat. These units are ideal for long running times such as nighttime heating. Unless the heating device Is connected to an external thermostat, you may want to consider this option.


Color of your heater can make a big difference to your décor. Wall heaters are available in several standard colors to provide alternate choices. Some finished include white, black, and chrome polished.