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Cadet Baseboard Heaters

Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of Baseboard Heaters from a well-known Cadet Company. Cadet produces home appliances since 1957. The company provides innovative techniques and new solution for reducing energy costs. Cadet offers electric zonal heating that each living space has its own heater and thermostat control. It is highly convenient system as each person can maintain certain level of comfort. In addition, if some rooms are not used, the heaters can be turned off helping dramatically reduce the energy consumption and to allow to save money. Cadet establishes long-lasting relations with architects, designers, electricians and consumers to create efficient market products.

Cadet baseboard heaters are a great choice for low cost installation. In addition, it works quietly, which makes it a preferred appliance for bedrooms and nurseries. The important innovation is that air circulates efficiently because of the convection making the air in the entire room warm in every corner. Cadet heaters have modern design which will suit any room. These appliances should to be placed under the window at least a 12” minimum from furniture and other objects above. The cold air which falls from the window will rise from the heater, and the air will tumble gently throughout the room. The company recommends a wall-mounted thermostat for the best performance. It will help to maintain the comfort level and reduce energy costs.

Standard voltage for cadet appliances is 240/208. All the heaters of this company require a thermostat. It is highly recommended to electronic one or a dual diaphragm thermostat. Standard dual rated 240/208 volt models are 250 watts per foot at 240 volt, and low density 187 watts per foot at 208 volt.

Westside Wholesale offer Cadet Baseboard heaters at the discounted prices now. The design is the same. The new feature to be chosen is the wattage and the size of the room where the appliance is to be placed. Please, keep in mind that the thermostat is being sold separately, it also can be found on Westside Wholesale for affordable or discounted option price.

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Cadet 8F2000W

Cadet 8F2000W

Cadet Heater, 8 Ft. 2000W Electric Baseboard Heater - White

Our Price: $64.25
as low as: $57.83

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14+ : $57.83 ea. (10% off)

Cadet 6F1500W

Cadet 6F1500W

Cadet Heater, 6 Ft. 1500W Electric Baseboard Heater - White

Our Price: $52.89
as low as: $47.60

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Add 8 : $50.25 ea. (5% off)
12 : $49.19 ea. (7% off)
17+ : $47.60 ea. (10% off)

Cadet 4F1000W

Cadet 4F1000W

Cadet Heater, 4 Ft. 1000W Electric Baseboard Heater - White

Our Price: $37.99
as low as: $34.19

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Add 11 : $36.09 ea. (5% off)
17 : $35.33 ea. (7% off)
23+ : $34.19 ea. (10% off)

Cadet 5F1250W

Cadet 5F1250W

Cadet Heater, 5 Ft. 1250W Electric Baseboard Heater - White

Our Price: $46.59
as low as: $41.93

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Add 9 : $44.26 ea. (5% off)
14 : $43.33 ea. (7% off)
19+ : $41.93 ea. (10% off)
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How to Select

How to select baseboard heaters

When a space heater is not enough to heat the space of your room or apartment, a baseboard heater may really come in handy. Such device will help you heat that one room that is always cold no matter what you do. Not only that, baseboard heater may become a primary heat source for small places such as basements, studies or other tiny rooms that don’t have any central heating devices installed. To select a perfect baseboard heater and make sure such device will satisfy your needs the most, follow our simple guide.

The types of baseboard heaters that exist today can be divided into two main categories: Heaters with electric convection and devices equipped with hydraulic or oil filled heating elements.

Electric heating element consists of many electric coils that heat up like the ones that are installed in a toaster. The warm air that comes from the electric baseboard heaters doesn’t really circulate because there’s no fan installed in such device. This is the main reason electric heaters are less expensive but also less efficient when it comes to heating a room fast. Such devices become the perfect options for small rooms and areas such as basements or staircases.

The baseboard heaters with hydraulic or oil filled heating elements are way more efficient and convenient to use in a house. They are more expensive but despite that offer more useful features that will help you get warm during cold times. The advantages of selecting a heater with hydraulic elements include long-lasting warmth. Since such device heats the oil or water, the liquid heats the room and helps it stay warm long after the device is turned off.

This way, the main difference between both types is that electric devices cool fast after you or the thermostat turns them off while other type provides the room with warmth for a longer lasting period.

When you have decided on what type of heater you prefer for your home, everything else is pretty easy. Just bear in mind that all of the baseboard heaters that exist today offer similar features. For example, electric heaters can run in a line starting from 120V and ending with 240 V. The important thing to remember is that the more powerful the device is the more efficient operation it offers. The electric baseboard heaters are meant to be wired directly into the electric line. So, if you’re looking for a device that can be plugged in any electric socket during cold times, you better look for other options.

The next thing you need to know when selecting a baseboard heater is that such devices don’t heat immediately. This means you won’t get your room heated right away and will have to wait for several minutes and oftentimes for almost half an hour. However, the warmth that you’ll get will last for many hours to come. In addition to that, baseboard heaters have a silent operation that makes them perfect to be installed in bedrooms or nurseries. Moreover, since such devices aren’t equipped with a fan and don’t blow air into the room, they don’t pollute the area with dust and other micro particles that may cause allergies.