Cadet Digital Thermostats

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Cadet TH106

Cadet TH106

Cadet Thermostat, Single Pole Digital Electronic Programmable Thermostat - White

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Cadet SBFT2W

Cadet SBFT2W

Cadet Thermostat, Smart-Base Double Pole Programmable Electronic Thermostat for Baseboard Heaters - White

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How to Select

How to select Digital Thermostats

Equipping your heating or cooling devices with thermostats makes it easier to control them. Not only that, you also receive the opportunity to make the operation of any heating device more efficient and thus save money spent on energy bills.

To ensure you select the perfect thermostat for a device of your choice, Westside Wholesale has prepared a simple and clear guide.

The first thing in selecting a thermostat is determining the type that will suit your needs the most. There are various types of thermostats, including manual, learning, programmable and digital. The most convenient and easy to use is the digital type, since it doesn’t require your constant attention and is able to perform all of the adjustments automatically.

The next thing in selecting a digital thermostat is ensuring it is compatible with the device you want to install it with. For example, an air-conditioner thermostat may not work with a heating device or on the contrary, may provide universal installation for every application in your house.

Next step is specifying the features your thermostat should offer. With digital technologies and their countless possibilities, modern thermostats can perform tens of tasks at the same time. We’re not only talking about setting the temperature or shutting the device off when it reaches the certain heat level. A digital thermostat can provide controlling options through a Wi-Fi network, letting you change the temperature level from any place on our planet; offer vacation and holiday modes of operation to make leaving your home easier and safer; minimize energy consumption and save you money in addition to sending weekly or monthly energy reports to your smartphone.

Each additional feature, of course, adds to the price of the device. That is why it is crucially important to specify the features you could really use in a thermostat before buying it. The more complex the heating or cooling system of your house is, the more advanced thermostat you need to control its devices.

Here are the aspects you need to consider when looking for a digital thermostat for your home’s applications:

  • Installation and compatibility. Make sure your future thermostat is not only compatible with the device and fits its technical characteristics, but can also be installed in the existing system. Oftentimes a digital thermostat requires complicated installation and is replaced by a less advanced device.
  • Programmable options. The whole point of a thermostat is being able to program the operation of a cooling or heating device according to your needs and the particular time of the day.