Broan Ceramic Heaters

Broan 6201

Broan 6201

Broan Heater, Big Heat Portable Ceramic Efficient Two-Level Heater w/Thermostat

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How to Select

How to select ceramic heaters

A ceramic heater is one great device that helps you heat a room during the cold of winter. But to select the heater that will suit your needs the most you should follow the guide that we have prepared for you.

Ceramic heaters differ by the type of performance they offer. First and the most common type of the ceramic heater is only equipped with a heating element and doesn’t really offer any other features. The other type is completely different and comes equipped with a variety of features that you didn’t even know existed. To make the selecting process easier, we’re going to list all of the features you might look for in a ceramic heater and why:

  • Two-heat flow. This great feature gives you the opportunity to recirculate the air flow depending on your needs. It also lets you use your heater during summer times by transforming it into a cooling device.
  • Thermostat. Any kind of thermostat will help you select and maintain the desired level of warmth in the room. It will also help the device spend less energy while operating and thus save money on electricity bills.
  • Anti-freeze technology. Have you ever walked in a room that was so cold your hands froze? Such situations often happen when you turn your device off before leaving the house for vacation or a business trip. The anti-freeze technology allows you to program the minimum heating level so that the room never gets cold again. When the temperature in the room drops below the programmed level, your ceramic heater will automatically turn on again and heat it. This feature is very helpful during night times or vacation modes when you don’t have the opportunity to control the heater’s operation.
  • Oscillation. Turning the heater on is not always enough to evenly warm the whole area of the room. Oscillating feature helps fix this in no time and provides your room with even amount of heat.
  • Ceramic heating element. The heating technology that is used in these devices provides them with an extra-large grille that makes the circulation process faster and more intense. This means that ceramic heaters offer better heating options than other conventional devices while also spending less energy.
  • Remote control. Having a remote control helps you maintain the desired level of heat in the room even if you are far away from the device. For example, this feature helps you control the heater in a nursery without walking in the room and risking waking the sleeping kids.

When you decide what features your future ceramic heater should be equipped with, selecting a perfect device only takes few minutes.