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Clamp-On Meters

Westside Wholesale aim's to satisfy every client’s need and necessity possible which is why we stock numerous variations of electrical test equipment. We offer our clients optimal choices and the best prices possible. In this section we offer a line of clamp-on meters by different popular registered manufacturers.

The special clamp-on meters we offer here provide a perfect solution to daily troubleshooting necessities in residential, commercial and industrial environments. The device allows users to measure electrical current quickly and easily without the need to cut through wires, to touch wires and to interrupt electrical circuit.

The clamp-on meter is an extremely useful and indispensable device that provides an uncomplicated, quick and safe way of measuring circuit current. The devices measure up to the professional standards.

Currently on sale at Westside Wholesale are meters made by the world famous certified manufacturers Greenlee, Hioki, Amprobe, and Fluke. The devices presented here all quality products that feature high-sensitivity and measurement accuracy. We know how important to get the most precise measurements in any field of electrical works, and how our clients need the most modern and high-quality electrical testing equipment. We also sell a product line of clamp-on meters which provide the highest accuracy possible, combined with outstanding quality and reasonable affordable prices.

These professional grade clamp-on meters for sale at Westside Wholesale can be used for a range of various applications. These universal multi-meters will help to support all our clients’ daily measurement needs. Some models of the meters have dual digital display allowing seeing voltage and amperage both at the same moment.

The thinner jaws of the clamp-on meter allows users to take necessary measurements in rather tight areas, making it extremely helpful in certain situations.

Today and always we at Westside Wholesale stand for the most modern, durable and reliable products money can buy. We can assure our clients we offer the best and they trust us.

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Hioki 3196-01/5000 PRO

Hioki 3196-01/5000 PRO

Hioki HTI Power Quality/Demand Meter Kit - 5000A

Regular Price: $11,953.99
On Sale: $9,194.98
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