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Combo Switches

Leviton is one of the world-famous manufacturers of high quality electrical wiring devices and connectivity solutions. Located in North America, it produces and sends its products to nearly a hundred countries. Its current portfolio is approaching 30,000 products.

Westside Wholesale online store offers a choice of versatile switches manufactured by Leviton, Lutone, Nutron and other companies. All switches are designed in accordance with today’s quality standards. Their elegant appearance makes them fit well with all sorts of interiors. These companies produce two-rocker and three-rocker switches, by aid of which it is possible to manage several devices simultaneously. All switches are compatible with various types of wire installations. Spring clamps ensure reliable and safe electrical connection, which rules out the possibility of short-circuit. Most switches incorporate nightlights, which make them visible in the darkness.

Westside Wholesale presents the following products: Leviton 5643-W Decora Combination Switch, Double Rocker, 3-Way; Nutone 77DW, Light Switch, Four-Function Control; Lutron MA-L3S25-WH Light Switch, Maestro Combination, 300W Dimmer & Single-Pole Switch; Leviton 5634-W Light Switch, Decora Combination Switch, Double Rocker, Single-Pole; Leviton 1755-W Light Switch, Decora Three Rocker Combo Switch, Commercial Grade, Single-Pole; Nutone 77DV Light Switch, Four-Function Control; Leviton 5625-E Decora Combination Switch, Rocker & Receptacle, Single-Pole.

This is not a complete list of products offered by Westside Wholesale. All switches boast exquisite low-profile design and high reliability. We use clear and concise pricing policies. Prices do not include any hidden costs. Contact us at our official website and place your order right now!

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Lutron MA-L3S25-BR

Lutron MA-L3S25-BR

Lutron Light Switch, Maestro Combination, 300W Dimmer & Single-Pole Switch - Brown

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How to Select

How to shop for Combo Switches

Making your home the most secure and comfortable place is a number one priority these days. When looking for a light switch replacement, manufacturers today offer a rich variety of switches to choose from. In some cases, home owners are forced to start a renovation because both outlets and switches wear out, which means that they need to be replaced with new ones.

At Westside Wholesale we always receive a review from customers who are unsure of which combo switch part is not working properly. We do agree, however, that it’s often quite difficult to determine just what the exact problem is and because of that we have included a small list of actions that you can take immediately to try to fix the issue below.

  • Start with checking the switch breaker. Find out if it has tripped or not.
  • Replace the outlet and a switch. It is a pretty easy task.
  • You need a few essential tools to do the job.

What is a Combination Switch?

A combination switch is a type of device that has more than one switch on its panel. The manufacturers offer a great variety of choices of combination switches that are responsible not only for turning on and off the lighting.

Our online store has gathered a collection of the best quality combination switches. We offer for sale combo switches produced by renowned brands such as Panasonic, Lutron, Leviton, Nutone, etc.

A list of Combo Switches available for sale:

  • Leviton Decora combo switch – double rocker;
  • Nutone four-functions control light switch;
  • Lutron Maestro combination, 300W dimmer & single-pole switch;
  • Panasonic fan switch, whisper-control humidity sensing;
  • Leviton Decora three rocker combo switch;
  • Leviton Decora Dual rocker combo switch, commercial grade, singe-pole;
  • Nutone four-function control light switch;
  • Leviton combo switch, rocker & receptacle single-pole;
  • Leviton light switch, duplex combination toggle switch, commercial grade;
  • Lutron light switch Maestro combo 300W dimmer & single-pole switch – brown.

As you can see we offer a great variety of combo switches available at affordable prices. You can choose from a wide range of brands, colors, designs and styles. This way, the newly purchased combo switch will fully cover your requirements.

How to replace a Combo Switch?

Replacing a combo switch may seem like an easy task but if you ask an expert they will tell you that it is a DIY job. For someone with experience, this is fine, but if you don’t you might be a little overwhelmed with the idea. Don’t fret, however, the switch can be replaced by using simple tools like a screwdriver, safety glasses, and screws.