Cooper Dimmer Switches

Selecting the right type of dimmer switch is crucial in creating a perfect lighting environment for any building. That is why Westside Wholesale offers a wide variety of high quality Cooper Dimmer Switches.

Available Types of Cooper Dimmer Switches can be divided into following categories:

  • Digital and Mechanical Slide Dimmers;
  • 600W and 1000W Dimmers;
  • Dimmers with 1 & 3 way switch types;
  • Used with Incandescent / Magnetic Low Voltage / Electronic Low Voltage Load Types;
  • Standard and Soft ON/OFF Switches;
  • White Satin / White Sand / Desert Sand / Silver Granite color options.

The features of Cooper Dimmer Switches include:

  • Stylish design to match your decor.
  • Incandescent, magnetic low voltage and electronic low voltage compatibility;
  • Can be paired with a second switch;
  • Can be installed with side wiring and rear push-in wiring options;
  • Have mounting screws included in the kit;
  • Works with standard decorative wallplates.

Westside Wholesale offers Cooper 9534WS and Cooper 9534DS models, which can be combined with five remote dimmers. Such compatibility allows controlling the lighting settings from different locations of any home. These Cooper Dimmer Switches also have advanced features that increase their functionality and versatility.

Westside Wholesale offers Cooper Fan Speed Controls, Smart Dimmers and Color Change Kits for Dimmers.

Cooper Smart Dimmer (SM600W model) can be used with both magnetic low voltage and incandescent applications. When used with LED applications this dimmer has a brightness indicator that shows current lighting level. This way it is easier to adjust the lightning level and create perfect ambiance in the room.

Cooper Fan Speed Controls help create perfect temperature of a standard fan, are presented with different color options which will match the decor of any room and have two wiring options that make installation process easy and fast.



Cooper Dimmer Switch Color Change Kit for Model SM600 - Almond

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How to Select

How to Select an Electrical Dimmer?

Electrical Dimmers are suitable for many different types of lighting, however, most dimmers work for a specific type of lighting to allow for the best operation possible. Therefore, when installing your lighting, it is important to consider the dimmer as well.

Dimmer Types:

Incandescent works with all standard incandescent light bulbs in your home. This is the most commonly used type of dimmer. This dimmer will handle typical 120v household electricity at line voltage levels.

Magnetic 12v – used for low voltage “magnetic” applications only. This dimmer will not work on a 120v household circuit. It is not uncommon for these to have a “load rating” which will determine which dimmer you should install.

Electronic 12v – used for low voltage applications only. These dimmers will allow dimming of smaller devices such as landscape lighting, under cabinet lighting, or other 12v lighting units.

Compact Flourescent / LED – specifically designed to dim the lighting of Compact Flourescent and LED lighting fixtures. These can be wired to any lighting source which operates CFL / LED bulbs. We do not recommend attempting to connect CFL / LED lighting to a standard Incandescent dimmer.


It is important to consider the amount of wattage you will need to dim to make sure you do not overload your dimmer. Dimmer switches can be purchased in different increments such as 450, 600, 800, or 1000 watts. For reference, if you are looking to dim a room with 8 x 100watt recessed lights, you will want to install the 1000watt dimmer to allow for some buffer.


  • 3-way – Dimmers that allow for 3 way wiring allow the dimmer switch to be connected with other dimmers to provide multiple control stations. These are suitable when you would like 2 swicthes to control a single lighting fixture.
  • Single-pole – Standard dimmers which connect to a standard circuit providing smooth even dimming along the length of the dim cycle. These dimmers do not have 3-way lighting characteristics.

Wireless dimmers allow you to dim a specific device wirelessly by using InfraRed or other technologies. These advanced dimmers will work with compatible devices.


When choosing a color for your dimmers, it is based on your personal preference. In most décor, matching the wall color can make finding a dimmer difficult if lighting conditions are bad. Therefore, it is not uncommon for home owners to install contrasting colored dimmers to add visual appeal and to increase your ability to find the switch when you need it most. In addition, it is important to consider  whether you need LED indication or not, which is available on many dimmers available here at Westside Wholesale.

Additional Assistance:

If you would like professional expert advice on selecting your dimmers, please contact our Customer Service Department through Live Chat, or by calling 1-877-998-9378,