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Cooper 1301-7W

Cooper 1301-7W

Cooper Light Switch, AC Quiet Framed Toggle Switch, Grounding, Single-Pole - White

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Cooper 1301-7LA

Cooper 1301-7LA

Cooper Light Switch, Single-Pole Grounding AC Quiet Framed Toggle Switch - Light Almond

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Toggle switches are one of the most commonly used switches. It’s very likely that you don’t pay attention to things like this, but toggle switches are all around you. When you turn on the lights in your house, you are using a toggle switch. The same applies to your typical garbage disposal—it has a toggle switch to control the electrical current. Toggle switches of any kind have multiple uses, they can be used in numerous electronic devices, appliances and so on.

What is a Toggle Switch?

A toggle switch is a type of switch that controls the supply of electrical current. A toggle switch is an electrical switch. It has a small handle or a lever. The toggle switch lever has two positions to control the electrical power flow.

A regular toggle switch has numerous applications. It is being widely used for domestic, commercial and industrial settings. Customers consider toggle switch easy-to-install and easy-to-operate.

Another important feature of toggle switches is its long-term use. Once the toggle switch was installed, it will take years for it to require its replacement.

Toggle Switches Distinct Features:

  • Toggle switches are very easy to operate.
  • The toggle switch is operated with a finger.
  • Smaller toggle switches are perfect for domestic and lite commercial use.
  • A toggle switch is a collective term. It refers to electrical control switch that has a mechanism of rocking up and down lever.
  • The rocking mechanism manages the flow of the electrical current.
  • There are industrial heavy-duty types of toggle switches.
  • Industrial toggles have large size. They are made of metal. Also, they are equipped with a metal lever. A rocking mechanism has a handle that is placed in the middle of the toggle switch plate.
  • The central lever position is based on common safety reasons.
  • The industrial toggle switches require professional expertise for the installation.
  • Some toggle switches may have additional locking and timing devices. The locking and timing devices are used as the basic safety precautions.

The Concept behind a Toggle Switch

It is important to point out that the word “toggle” refers to the action of switching the mechanism from one position to another position. The most common toggle switch applications are referred to having control over the electrical current, more often toggle switches are placed to control the power flow on the complex machinery and computers.

Most commonly, fire alarms use toggle switches as do major circuit breakers. The ratings of toggle switches are based on the amount of electric current that it can handle.