Cree Lighting

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Cree Lighting offers a powerful collection of LED fixtures for both commercial and residential use. Many of the lights features in the Westside Wholesale inventory have recessed installations, which look great with any home's decor. Plus, the exceptional light quality produced by Cree LED bulbs, which are instant on and fully dimmable, provide the perfect illumination for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms and many other spaces.

In addition to residential use, Cree's lighting has practical applications in airports, corporate campuses, restaurants, hotels, retail spaces, warehouses, corporate campuses and much more. This is partially because of the durable construction of Cree's lighting cans, trims and bulbs. Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of Cree lighting solutions, including recessed LED lighting, downlights and kits and individual components.

Business and home owners alike also appreciate the energy efficiency of LED lighting. Cree LED lighting offers some of the best light levels around, yet require less energy than non-LED bulbs. These energy savings are increased further when dimmed settings are used.