Crouse Hinds Electrical Fittings

Crouse-Hinds Electric Company is well known on the market of electrical specialties for developing production of high quality and using all the modern technologies and high standard materials in the process of production. The company was founded in 10 century in the United States and now is the world leader with a chain of clients all over the world.

At Westside Wholesale we are ready to offer to our consumer a line of electrical fittings produced by Crouse-Hinds and being in high demand with our constant clients. The line is represented in our store with a variety of models such as Crouse-Hinds Junction Box, Crouse-Hinds Compression Connector, and Crouse-Hinds Compression Coupling. All the models of junction boxes and compression connectors come in different various shapes with 2 main color of white and grey.

All the Crouse-Hinds junction boxes despite of the model or shape are designed to be easily assembled and installed by combining body, gasket and sheet aluminum cover in one whole assembly. The junction boxes by Crouse-Hinds are used to provide special openings for making taps and splices in conductors, to act as pull outlets for installed conductors, act as special mounting outlets for wiring devices and lighting fixtures, to connect conduit sections and make bends of 90% in conduit runs.

The junction boxes we present are light weight aluminum constructions, corrosion resistant with long and reliable service. The boxes have sleek, aesthetically pleasant look.

House-Hinds compression connectors are high quality and high performance fittings, designed to reach toughest and highest industry standards and integrate the latest modern technologies.

They are highly reliable, durable and help to reduce time and costs for installation. They were developed to operate perfectly in a really wide variety of different applications. The sealing gasket made of thermoplastic effectively and reliably seals out dust, water, oil and dirt.

All these outstanding characteristics of House-Hinds production line we have at Westside Wholesale make the best choice evident for out clients.

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Crouse Hinds LT20090

Crouse Hinds LT20090

Crouse-Hinds Compression Connector, 2" Liquid-Tight Non-Insulated Iron 90 Degree Angle

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