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Desk fans are ideal for those who want to have fresh breeze exactly at their table. They are mostly used in offices, at the bed tables and near the computers at home. Westside Wholesale has a variety of desk fans that will suit both adults and children.

The main manufacturers on this market are Vornado and Lasko. Lasko is a famous producer of all types of fans and heaters. Vornado is a leader in flow technologies. Both companies produce qualitative appliances that will provide cool breeze on a hot day.

Lasko models look more high-tech than Vornado ones. They are mostly close to rectangular shape and are stylish and strict. Such fans are ideal for working places. The Oscillating Air Stick will look great at the table of a director or a successful employee. It has a space-saving design that will suit any space. The unit has electronic controls that glow blue. The model has two speeds and patented safety plug.

For those who is stuck with papers at work and do not have even a tiny square for a fan, Lasko offers a solution. It is Clip Stick. A desk fan has a versatile, removable clip. It can be clipped to a shelf or even a computer monitor. It can be used either vertically or horizontally with the same efficiency. Ultra slim design requires practically no space. Two speed motor provides cool breeze. Swivel-action base directs air flow where it is needed.

Vornado has a wide range of desk fans. Some of them are black and white and are suitable even for the most official rooms. Others are designed for creative people and children and are colored in navy blue, vivid pink, rich red and juicy orange. The best of suchlike are Zippi and Flippi models. They are both compact and created for personal needs. The design is absolutely different, but the colors are similar: raindrop, ice, midnight, raspberry, passion. With such fans you will never get bored at work. However, for the serious persons the Company offers models like 783 and 530L. They are black or white and have classical no-frills design.

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How to Select

How to select Desk Fans

A desk fan is a device that may help you survive those hot summer days, especially if your room isn’t equipped with an air-conditioner or any other cooling device. With hundreds of models of such fans to choose from, all of which are offering great features and options, selecting the perfect device has the potential to become difficult. This guide will help you know which features are important and which aren’t and will help you select a perfect desk fan to suit your needs.

The best advantage of desk fans is their portability. You can the fan with you wherever you go; this is why it is important to pay attention to the weight of such device. Bear in mind that the heavier your desk fan will be the more energy and effort it will require when carried around. If you are looking for a stationary device and are not planning to use it for various locations, you can easily select a more powerful fan, which will end up being larger and heavier.

Efficiency is other factor to consider. A desk fan doesn’t have to be large to be efficient. If you are planning to use your desk fan as the main cooling source, pay attention to operation modes and speeds of such device. By selecting different speed or changing the location of the device you can adjust the flow of cool air according to your needs.

Energy saving feature is also something you could benefit from. There are certain desk fans that can be connected to the existent cooling system of the building. This means they will operate using less energy and spending less money in a long run.

Since every fan should be periodically cleaned from all the dirt and dust that sticks to its blades, selecting a device with removable grill will help you spend less time and effort during routine maintenance work.

When you have specified the size, efficiency and additional features of your future desk fan, you may be ready to start looking for a device to buy. However, there’s one last aspect of a desk fan that everyone forgets about. We’re talking about its design. Since such device will be placed on your working desk, you will look at it as often as you look at the screen of your computer. Now imagine having to look at an ugly and oftentimes scary device every single day. Selecting a desk fan with a nice design will make your working routine more bearable. Aim for bright colors and unusual designs that will add joy and happiness to your desk but don’t forget about the fan’s main purpose – cooling the air around you.