DreamLine Sinks

For those who have always wanted to turn their ordinary bathroom into a sophisticated piece of art Dreamline has created its special sinks. Dreamline is a well-known brand by Bath Authority LLC. It has a wide array of bathroom vanities of different design and materials. In Dreamline series one can find antique models as well as up to date glass sinks, ceramic vanities and a lot more. Thousands happy customers all over the world highly recommend Dreamline products to their friends and families.

Glass sinks series include 20 unique unusual designs. Dreamline pays a lot of attention to safety, so all products are tempered. This means that even though the sink is made of glass, it is safe both for adults and for children to use. These products are not only transparent, but they also have five different color varieties. There are four main shapes: round and square for those who prefer classic design. DLBG-15-C and DLBG-01-C models have more sophisticated shapes and will suit some outrageous bathroom.

Stone Dreamline sinks are probable the best on the market as to design, color and shape. They are made for special the luxury interiors.

Being one of the leading and fastest growing manufacturers Bath Authority provides sinks of exceptional quality. These products are famous for lasting for years. It is one of the most important features for the glass sinks – to be durable and safe. Dreamline managed to mix all the qualities required as well as high quality and exceptional beauty. With these sinks a unique design can be created in any bathroom. That is the reason why professional designers from all over the world love to use Dreamline products. Moreover, they are easy to install and maintain.

Westside Wholesale offers all possible shapes of Dreamline sinks. They can be used both for home and commercial use. Affordable wholesale price will be a pleasant surprise for those who decided to choose one of these models. In addition, the coupons can be used to save up to 15% more. Dreamline is a good choice for those who value quality, durability and style.

DreamLine DLBG-17

DreamLine DLBG-17

DreamLine Bathroom Sink, 18-7/8"W x 14-7/8"D x 5-1/2"H Glass Bath Vessel - Clear

Our Price: $114.80

How to Select

How to shop for Sinks

The modern sink is composed of a bowl that can serve multiple functions. Either hand or dishwashing can be performed. The other components are faucets or taps that provide hot and cold water.

A spray function may be found in a kitchen or commercial installations to aid faster rinsing. A hole at the bottom of the sink allows wastewater to be removed. The drain may have a strainer to help prevent clogging by waste particles or a garbage disposal unit may also be fitted.

Some sinks such as those found in restaurants or cafes may have a soap dispenser fitted to aid hygienic practices. Westside Wholesale offers a range of sinks to our customers to meet their particular needs.

When shopping for a sink the following factors should be considered.

  • Sink type. Sinks come in a range of styles. The self-rimming or top mount sink is positioned in a hole cut to accommodate it. Clamping the sink from underneath creates a close seal between the sink and worktop. Alternatively, the bottom-mount or under mount sink is fitted from below; clamping is again done from below.
  • Material. Given the near constant contact with water a sink must be designed with rust and corrosion prevention in mind. Metallic materials such as stainless steel, copper and nickel have proved to be popular with manufactures. Steel or iron may also feature a coating of enamel to prevent corrosion and to improve appearance. Those with large budgets may choose marble, stone or granite. These materials can add a classic or rustic nature to the sink.
  • Style. For a modern look, materials to opt for include glass and concrete. Current trends favor these materials as they create a fresh vibe and are often found in fashionable restaurants, bars or clubs.

Westside Wholesale offer sinks from well-known manufacturers such as Vigo, Oliveri, Swanstone, Moen, and Dreamline. These are all manufacturers with a long history of providing sinks to professionals at a high standard. All products stocked by Westside Wholesale come with a manufacturers warranty for your peace of mind.

Westside Wholesale has experts available online to help advise on the perfect choice of sink for your home or business. Alternatively, you may wish to consult with your local plumbing specialist about which sink would best meet your needs.

Whatever your decision, the sinks stocked by Westside Wholesale will meet your needs and provide you with many years of service.