Eemax Mini-Tank Water Heaters

Eemax is a recognized brand in the water heating industry. No other competitor has more heaters installed. Over 1,000,000 people are happy to use Eemax appliances worldwide.

All the products are held to the highest standards. Eemax mini-tank water heaters are certified by the Water Quality Association and hold the OSHA and ANSI standards. Eemax products were made by professional plumbers for professional plumbers.

Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of Eemax mini-tank water heaters. This company provides the largest choice of mini-tank water heaters on the market. Over 1,300 products are developed to satisfy the needs of every home or commercial application. Westside Wholesale choses carries the most popular models at a discounted price. Mini-tank water heaters have a heating capacity of 1.44 kW. There are 1.3 gallons to 6 gallon models including options for any need.

Based on the one of the best technologies on the market, mini-tank water heaters are great for point-of-use, under the sink installation. These models are both wall and floor mountable. and include a 2 year warranty on parts and a 5 year warranty in case of any leaks. With these mini-tank heaters there is no need to buy costly re-circulating lines and pumps. The temperature range is adjustable from 50 F to 140 F.

Do not hesitate to buy an Eemax mini-tank water heater. Its popularity proves the highest quality on the market.

Eemax EMT1

Eemax EMT1

Eemax Tankless Water Heater, MiniTank Series 120V 12A 1.3 Gallon Electric Single-Point - Indoor

Our Price: $189.26

How to Select

How To Shop For Mini-Tank Water Heaters

Hot water is an essential part of modern living. However there is a trend towards living in smaller spaces especially in towns and cities, appliances that can make economic use of space and very useful in these environments. Mini-tank water heaters are space saving devices that can provide water heating solutions to users, regardless of how small their place is.

When purchasing a mini-tank water heater it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Size. Of course the reason for choosing a mini-tank heater over a full size heater is the size benefit. Using the latest technology the mini-tank heater can provide continuous hot water and allow uninterrupted use of all home appliances requiring hot water.
  • Power consumption. These heaters provide a hot water source thus there is an amount of power consumption among all those available. As being from the top rated models, they tend to be energy efficient and more than times they consume less power as per their service. Energy efficient heaters are marked with the Energy Star mark and this indicates the heater can provide savings of up to 50% when compared to goods without this mark.
  • Cost. Cost of these heaters is also varied as per their availability and it increases or decreases as per the water source that needs to be kept hot. Cost is most determinable factor and it is necessary to look for the stuffs that can be really suitable and might not put more burdens over the pocket. However, the selection confirms the situation and proper evaluation always directs the things towards a proper done.

The available brands at Westside Wholesale include Eemax, Bosch and StiebelEltron. These are all manufacturers that have a strong track record and great international reputation.

Shopping for mini tank water heaters should be conducted with strong knowledge of the products and important factors otherwise a wrong choice could be made. Although, the customers of Westside wholesale can feel free from this situation due to the range of products available from the leading brands and their customer executives are also there to put entire efforts to enable a great product to their customers by providing all resolutions of the related questions just been fired.

The experts at Westside Wholesale will be happy to help you select a water heater. If you’d prefer, you can alsoconsult with your local plumbing specialist. Either will be happy to provide assistance and to ensure that you get the product that meets all of your needs.