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All of us at Westside Wholesale specialize in providing different options with numerous testing and measurement equipment, in addition to special recorders. These devices are in high demand which is why we provide these recorders to our clients at the lowest prices. The recorders we offer to the consumers presented in different types and specifications, developed by popular manufacturers to meet clients’ demands in different sectors of use and various industries.

The recorders we stock at Westside Wholesale were developed and manufactured by such famous brand as Hioki that is an esteemed leader of electronic equipment known worldwide. We value the quality the Hioki brand provides and happy to share it with our customers at reasonable prices.

The recorders we offer were developed using only superior quality materials and the most modern technologies. The range of the products we have includes voltage data logger, power quality analyzer, power quality analyzing kits, data loggers for DC and AC current. The devices process and store thousands of measurements including time of the record start and end, interval, method of measurement and comments as well. All this data is stored in the memory of the instrument and accessible for analyzing and further use. The devices we stock feature special extremely useful function of non-volatile memory which allows preserving collected data in case of depletion of device battery.

At Westside Wholesale our customers can find as well button-sized data loggers for temperature measurements. The device can collect up to 2 thousands of temperature measurements and its use along with PC reader allows data graphing performing. Technical specifications to each record model are positioned in special descriptions to each item at Westside Wholesale.

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Hioki 8835-01

Hioki 8835-01

Hioki HTI High Visibility Memory Recorder - Service/Maintenance

Our Price: $5,299.99
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