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Electrical Test Equipment

Founded in 1935, HIOKI E. E. Corporation has been focusing on electrical measuring instruments development and production. In their initial phase HIOKI mass-produced electrical indicating meters and circuit testers. Then in the early 1970's they shifted from a quantity to a quality perspective.

HIOKI products can be grouped into four major categories:

Automatic Test Equipment - For inspecting electronic circuit boards and IC packages
Memory Recorders - For development and fault monitoring of transportation equipment
Electronic Measurement Instruments - For inspecting electronic components and for energy-saving monitoring applications
Field Measurement Instruments - For electrical work and maintenance inspections of electric installations.

Applications include testing of electronic components for computers, mobile phones and many other uses. HIOKI technology also contributes to the development of important breakthrough technology such as hybrid vehicles and fuel-cell batteries.
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Hioki 3153

Hioki 3153

Hioki HTI AC/DC Automatic Insulation Withstanding Meter

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