Dual-Lite Emergency Lights

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Dual-Lite EZ-2

Dual-Lite EZ-2

Dual-Lite Self-Contained Emergency Lighting Unit

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How to Select

How to select Emergency Lights

The most important detail of every emergency lighting fixture that you install is the fact that it has to provide reliable operation during emergencies. The following guide will help you find the best emergency lights for your home, office or commercial building.

Many factors should be considered when looking for proper emergency lights. The first and the most important factor is the type of emergency lights, which are offered with escape and standby lighting devices. Escape lighting fixtures illuminate exit ways and open areas near them, ensuring that people will find the exit doors in the shortest time possible. Standby lighting is supposed to maintain normal activity of complex systems, such as air traffic control.

The next factor to pay attention to when selecting emergency lights is their compliance with technical requirements and the safety standards of the location where they will be installed. Emergency lights should be visible from all points of the building. In addition to that, they also have to be equipped with standby power supply in order to provide proper illumination during power shortages.

Depending on the type and location of the emergency light, the size and style of the fixture should be selected. Smaller lights are perfect to be installed in small rooms while bigger and more powerful devices are designed for larger areas. Don’t forget to calculate the operating cost of your future emergency lights if you want to plan your budget and know how much money you will spend on energy bills.

The efficiency and performance of an emergency light, or any light for that matter, should be the next factor that you consider. When looking for any emergency light, including exit signs and adjustable lights, be sure to pay attention to their reliability. It’s also very important to be sure that the lights can be installed with your existing lighting system, that they are properly programmed and that they are equipped with a standby power source.

After all of the factors are taken into account you can proceed to check out. However, you may still have some questions that require answers. Here are the most common of them:

Why do I need to install emergency lights in the building?

Even though it seems like nothing ever happens in your building, emergencies like fire, earthquake or floods do occur and very often. An emergency light can save your life during a simple power failure in the building, not to mention a more serious and dangerous situation.

How do I install an emergency light in the house?

If you are new to mounting lights and handling screwdrivers, better hire a technician to install the lights for you. Otherwise, follow the instructions from the kit.