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Waterpik ECO-533

Conserve Water and Save Money Using Energy-Efficient Showerheads


Replacing your old showerhead with a more efficient fixture is an easy way to save money on your utility bill and conserve more water. Even those who enjoy taking long showers as a way to de-stress can benefit from an energy-saving showerhead, which can help reduce water consumption by as much as 50% to 70% without sacrificing quality and performance. Read on to learn more about the main types of showerheads, reviews of the leading brands and how to quickly install the fixtures on your own.

Types of Showerheads:

  • Fixed-mount showerheads – These fixtures typically come in 2 types: wall-mount or ceiling-mount (or top-mount). Wall-mounted heads are the most common and budget-friendly option, and ceiling-mount heads work best for spaces with low ceilings.
  • Hand-held showerheads – These convenient showerheads have a 3- to 6-foot-long gooseneck hose to allow for easy rinsing.

In addition, we carry a variety of quality showerhead accessories so you can get the most out of your showers, from adjustable shower arms, showerhead mounts, hoses, slide bars and more add-ons in a range of finishes and styles.

Energy-Saving Showerhead Product Reviews

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly showerhead that doesn’t sacrifice quality for the sake of price, the Waterpik ECO-533 EcoFlow 5-Mode Showerhead is the perfect option. At $30, this fixed-mount massaging showerhead has 5 different spray options, including a full body coverage spray, a concentrated fan spray, a misting circular massage spray and more. In addition, it pays for itself in six months and can save you over $900 a year.

If you prefer hand-held showerheads, the Waterpik ECO-563 EcoFlow 5-Mode Hand-Held PowerSpray Showerhead is only $39 and offers the same exact features in a different fixture type.

For those willing to shell out a little more cash for even more features, the Speakman S-2285-AF Watersaver Wall Fixed-Mount Showerhead is under $80 and allows you to control the water flow, pressure and spray type. Its polished chrome finish will give your bathroom an elegant feel, and this particular model is also very easy to install.

How to Install Showerheads

The idea of replacing your own showerhead may seem daunting, but today’s modern fixtures are fairly easy to install on your own. All you need are pliers or a wrench, plumber’s tape and a cloth to protect your fixture from wrench marks. Here are 5 easy steps to installing a showerhead:

1. To remove your old fixture, hold the shower arm steady and loosen the showerhead’s nut, then take off the showerhead by turning it counterclockwise.

2. Using a wire brush, clean the threads of the shower arm to remove any debris or old tape.

3. On the shower arm, wrap several layers of plumber’s tape around the threads to eliminate leaks.

4. To install the new showerhead, hold the shower arm steady and attach the new showerhead by turning it 1 to 2 times clockwise. Wrap the cloth around the showerhead to avoid scratching the fixture with the wrench, and then proceed to use the tool to tighten the showerhead.

5. Test the new head for leaks and turn the shower on. If you do find leaks, remove the showerhead and re-apply the tape and repeat the installation process.